» » Ghosts at Circle X Camp (1912)

Short summary

Dalrymple, a tenderfoot, seeking work, locates on a ranch. The cowboys plan to initiate him, and the bully, being the toughest man, agrees to handle the newcomer. At the table the fun starts when the bully offers him a drink of kerosene out of a whiskey bottle, which he accepts. But one mouthful tells the tale. After dinner he is invited out to the corral, where a trick donkey takes the final part in the initiation. The tables turn when the tenderfoot bets that his tormentor dare not stay in the haunted house. The bet is accepted. The tenderfoot replaces the cartridges in the bully's gun with blanks. The bully, becoming afraid, pays a negro to go with him and, after searching the premises, they sit down. The tenderfoot, who has disguised himself as a ghost, appears and scares the negro away. The bully next seeing him, pulls out his gun, opens fire, but as the bullets have no effect he takes to his heels, the ghost after him. Almost frightened to death he jumps into a stream and after ...

Credited cast:
Francis Ford Francis Ford
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