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Tye Cameron is leading a dead-end, solitary life, with his only escape being his martial arts training and gambling habit. But all this changes when he crosses paths with Benjamin, the leader of an international assassination group. Enticed by an offer to join and help rid the streets of crime vigilante-style, Tye takes a step into this dark world of murder, money, and deceit. All Tye wants is to be part of something and do his part to cleanse the city of its slime, but he soon discovers there is more to his new profession than meets the eye. Confronted with a corrupt police force, vicious, cold-blooded hitmen, and a crusading cop looking for the truth, Tye must decide which side he's on, and how he will survive the escalating danger and violence.

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    • Author: invincible
    I am an independant film buff, and this movie rocks! It's so much more action packed then others in it's class. The gun battles are straight from Hollywood. Very well done. Keep a close eye on this production company and it's director Josh Cameron. They're going places!
  • Credited cast:
    Josh Cameron Josh Cameron - Ty
    Edward Symington Edward Symington - Benjamin
    Rico Rico - Big George
    George Rohrbach George Rohrbach - Jeff
    Patrick Mandl Patrick Mandl - Stassi
    Jessica Chisum Jessica Chisum - Katrina
    Stacy Arnold Stacy Arnold - Ian
    Hiru Shinumashi Hiru Shinumashi - Haru
    Ty Lambrecht Ty Lambrecht - Duece
    Ven Dixit Ven Dixit - The Runner
    Monzell Lewis Monzell Lewis - James Davis
    Jared Estrella Jared Estrella - John (as Jarred Estrella)
    John Hodgkin John Hodgkin - Kevin
    Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
    Scott Robinson Scott Robinson - Police Chief
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