» » Smurfs Skyscraper Smurfs/Bad Luck Smurfs (1981–1990)

Short summary

Willpower Smurfs: The Smurfs are so busy testing their willpower that they do not see Gargamel spying on them and capturing Harmony. When they tell Papa Smurf about what has happened he goes off to rescue Harmony. Papa Smurf uses a trick box to challenge Gargamel, allowing Harmonyto escape.Clumsy Luck: When Clumsy breaks VanityÂ's mirror Brainy tells him he will have seven years bad luck. Papa Smurf tells Clumsy that it is only superstitious nonsense and not to worry. He gets more and more worried when a series of mishaps are all blamed on his bad luck. Eventually Clumsy flees the village. That night a meteor destroys his house. While the rest of the Smurfs mourn Clumsy, he returns and they all realise how lucky he was to not have been in his house the night before.

Episode credited cast:
Lucille Bliss Lucille Bliss - Smurfette (voice)
William Callaway William Callaway - Clumsy Smurf (voice) (as Bill Callaway)
June Foray June Foray - Jokey Smurf (voice)
Danny Goldman Danny Goldman - Brainy Smurf (voice)
Don Messick Don Messick - Papa Smurf (voice)
Alan Oppenheimer Alan Oppenheimer - Vanity Smurf (voice)
Frank Welker Frank Welker - Hefty Smurf (voice)
Paul Winchell Paul Winchell - Gargamel (voice)
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