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Fed up with the evils of today's Society? So is Reverend Smith, but unlike you he has a remedy for it. See how he deals with murderers, rapists, white supremacists, child pornography, crooked lawyers, drug dealers, gang bangers, prejudice and the over all ills of our society. Take a ride through Reverend Smith's vengeful mind, where no one is safe and all are judged in "Music Store Massacre".

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    • Author: Akir
    Recently I had the opportunity to check out this indie film, Movie Store Massacre by Gordon Price. Originally when sent, I watched the trailer and thought that it looked like it would be at the very least a fun film to watch. I expected it to be a bit on the silly side, but like I said at the very least I saw some possibilities in it. This is one of those movies that reminds you don't judge what you don't know! Upon first glance it seems like it is something of a family, friend community type indie film, but once you begin watching you realize it is much, much more. Gordon Price delivers something that works even when sometimes you can't exactly say why.

    The compact non spoiler version of the story is this, there's a lot of people doing wrong in this little town, and a Reverend who is tired of it. He has a plan to take out the evil doers and the instrument (quite literally) to help, in this sweet custom guitar that is meant for more than just tunes! As Deaths pile up, a pair of polar opposite detectives, think good cop ~ bad cop, work to put the pieces together. But what do all these victims have in common past their hate mongering, unjust ways? And how many have to die brutally before the cops get the answers they need?

    OK so in reality the cast and the plot in this one is pretty big, much bigger than I just made it sound! Big doesn't always work for smaller budget indie productions but this one stays pretty on message, and is broken up into segments similar to chapters that help you file the pieces away. keeping the movie neat and tidy in terms of storyline and characters. The acting in general is actually pretty good. The characters often seem relaxed and natural in the moment, much better than you would expect. I was fairly shocked by how well most did, especially considering when you check the IMDb on this one many had little prior experience. Movie Store Massacre also offers up some pretty enjoyable gore moments that are intensified by his use of color saturation for the blood effects against a primarily black and white film. The use of black and white actually work really well for the film, giving it a more polished look in final than I feel it would have had if they had gone full color. Of course with a name like music Store Massacre you have to eventually get to the music, and this film does a awesome job with theirs! I liked it so much I am hoping a soundtrack is available!

    There were many things that worked for the film, but I had a few problems too, so heres the down side. there are a few issues with the sound quality, but that could be due in part to my screener style version that I got to review and so maybe on the bought version it isn't an issue. I also felt like it could have been edited down just slightly, maybe come in 15 minutes lighter, but the edit on this is far from bad!

    All together this is definitely something to watch. It a film that offers a moral, told in a completely immoral way, sandwiched between boobs, blood and music. A wonderfully strange mix of things that feel so unlikely but yet somehow Gordon Price and his crew make it work and turn it into something memorable for all the right reasons. Its a good time with an unlikely message, delivered by some people you wont soon forget, but don't take my word for it, support this indie film!
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    • Author: Vosho
    This is my first review on this website, so I thought I would start with a newer movie. I picked up my copy of Music Store Massacre, while browsing EBay for horror movies, so I decided to give Music Store Massacre a chance. The movies plot and story lines are very well done. The movie keeps you engaged throughout it. It makes you want to find out what is going to happen next and who will be the next to shed some blood. You can tell that this is a low budget film, but as I said before, it was well done. If I am able to find other movies directed by the same director, I will be willing to give his/her movie a watch. I would recommend this movie for a quick little scare and some blood shed. Thanks for reading.
  • Cast overview, first billed only:
    David Meadows David Meadows - Det.Young (as Dave Meadows)
    Gordon Price Gordon Price - Grady
    Diane Sokolowich Diane Sokolowich - Det.Stich
    Wendy Dillard Wendy Dillard - Kara Braithwhite
    Brian Hersey Brian Hersey - Chris
    Frank Bliss Frank Bliss - Reverand Smith
    Apryl Crowell Apryl Crowell - Becky
    Tim Healy Tim Healy - Leroy
    Ryanne Lynch Ryanne Lynch - Jessica johnson
    Kera O'Bryon Kera O'Bryon - Flute Lady
    Jeff Moore Jeff Moore - Jake
    Dean Powers Dean Powers - Paharo
    Robert Sebold Robert Sebold - Paco
    Richard Zeigler Richard Zeigler - Ray
    Elisa Kirby Elisa Kirby - Jakes Mom
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