» » Bearded Men Presents D&D: The Improvised Campaign The Blood of the Wolf (2016– )

Short summary

The sacred bond of friendship is tested when vampyre lord, Ajax, commands Vincent Von Dresdner to kill Sir Osmont Wolfsbane. In a story of vampyre versus werewolf, the question is, are you team Vincent, or team Osmont? Or are you team Vincemont?

Episode cast overview:
Timothy J. Meyer Timothy J. Meyer - Sir Osmont Wolfsbane
Matthew Pitner Matthew Pitner - Vincent Von Dresdner
Cody Bushee Cody Bushee - Ensemble
Torrey Halverson Torrey Halverson - Ensemble
Steven Molony Steven Molony - Ensemble
Paul Vonasek Paul Vonasek - Ensemble
Lucas Vonasek Lucas Vonasek - Ensemble
Tom Lommel Tom Lommel - Dungeon Master
Alex Caan Alex Caan - Improviser - Sound Effects
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