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A married couple's lives are thrown into turmoil when they both find themselves attracted to a beautiful hippie artist.
A married couple's lives are thrown into turmoil when they both find themselves attracted to a beautiful hippie artist.

Director/co-writer Duddy Kane's wife edited this film using the pseudonym Natasha Gottlieb.

Cinematographer Pierre Schwartz II was fired early in the production because he was having problems with his vision. Schwartz II was replaced by João Fernandes.

Robert Atkins of the Atkins Diet fame was a main financial investor in this film.

Duddy Kane asked Harry Reems to shave his mustache, but Reems refused to do so on the grounds that it was his trademark.

Noted illustrator Gilbert Stone did the unique poster art for this movie.

Valerie Marron went with Jamie Gillis to see this film at a theater in Greenwich Village.

Shot in ten days.

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    • Author: Light out of Fildon
    One of the early adult films to deal with serious subject matter, WET RAINBOW rarely if ever receives the accolades accorded to the likes of Gerard Damiano's DEVIL IN MISS JONES or the Mitchell Brothers' RESURRECTION OF EVE. This is a shame as the movie's very much in the same league and even surpasses those hallowed contemporaries in certain respects. Rather frustratingly, it's also one of those adult films whose authorship remains disappointingly vague. Credited director is one "Duddy Kane". Once upon a long ago, I imagined this might be another of the late Sam Weston's many pseudonyms, a private claim no source has sought to confirm or deny in the meantime so I was probably barking up the wrong tree yet again. The reason for my initial suspicion was quite simply the very high standard of acting for such an early adult film, not just by Georgina Spelvin and Harry Reems, re-teamed from MISS JONES but in a far different and much more realistic context, but by little-seen Valerie Marron (who would support late lamented Tina Russell in an obscure Gerard Damiano flick called BOTTOMS UP) as well, essaying the wish-fulfillment title character of the free-loving hippie chick who disrupts their seemingly happy marriage.

    Providing the kind of time capsule only '70s porn could ever be, the film's setting consists largely of a then unbelievably trendy Greenwich Village loft occupied by photographer/college professor Reems and his painter wife Spelvin into which Marron's intimate interloper arrives to disrupt their connubial harmony. Driven up the wall by the continuous cavorting her frisky roommate Mary Stuart (unforgettable star of Shaun Costello's seasonal offering THE PASSIONS OF CAROL) gets up to with boyfriend Alan Marlow (the game-playing husband from Radley Metzger's PRIVATE AFTERNOONS OF PAMELA MANN), she makes a play for her all too willing teacher Harry who subsequently refuses to act secretive about the affair with regards to his spouse. Georgina responds with a mix of understandable jealousy and the surfacing of her own long-suppressed attraction to women, culminating in a three-way relationship that may be predictable in set-up but not so in execution. Unlike similar free love fables, RAINBOW (as it was initially called, the "moist" adjective added for unneeded carnal emphasis) takes its story-line seriously, countering its initial bliss with some of the very real problems such an agreement might raise in the long term. The memorable, semi-open conclusion allows viewers to make up their own minds. When was the last time you saw an adult movie – hey, I could extend this statement to most of current mainstream Hollywood, come to think of it – that put its faith in the intelligence of its audience, refusing to spell out the obvious or in any way judge its characters ? Take heed, for this is that rarity : a smart sex film that appeals to the mind as much as the groin.

    In another groundbreaking move, RAINBOW incorporates sex into story much better than most other early '70s skin flicks as an expression of love, need, anxiety or even resentment. Sex fuels the proceedings, makes or breaks relationships, and the intensity thereof should keep viewers glued to the screen. Marron has terrific encounters with both leads separately that naturally enough lead to their climactic threesome, an intricately choreographed sequence filled with passion and yearning, uniting the central characters even though one of them's already on the way out and, no, I'm not divulging which one ! Most memorable scene might be Reems' introducing Spelvin to rear entrance romance with its realistic evolution from pain to pleasure that could almost serve as a step by step instruction for couples watching at home. Ending on a trivia note, there's a haunting song that accompanies Harry and Georgina's lovemaking on two separate occasions, starting with the line "You hold me well". I have always wondered whether this was a (mellow Deep Purple style) ballad composed directly for the movie or rather some "borrowed" track. Any info clearing up this matter would be greatly appreciated.
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    • Author: snowball
    While "Deep Throat", "Behind The Green Door", and numerous other titles have come to represent the 'Golden Age' of adult film, this intimate, character driven journey through the sexual and emotional entanglements of its 3 main characters is superior in many ways to its better known brethren. Sadly forgotten today, this is a title ripe for rediscovery on DVD. While there are the usual awkward moments typical of adult films, the overall performances from the starring players are very good, particularly Georgina Spelvin, who could have easily tackled any mainstream role. Valerie Marron is effectively spacey (and sexy) in her pivotal role. What really sets this film apart is the soundtrack and the intelligent direction. Music is credited only to 'Widescreen Productions', but "You Hold Me Well", the instrumental theme song, and especially "Why Am I Walking Without You" (my titles) are miles beyond the stereotypical 'wakka-wakka' sex film music. WAIWWY could have been a radio hit. It's so good, in fact, that I recorded the track onto CD for anytime listening. It's worth the price of the DVD. Finally, director Duddy Kane adds intelligent touches one after another, such as the choice of music for one sex scene, and in particular the final shot, which subtly and near brilliantly lets the viewer know the future of Rainbows' role in the emotional troika after the final scene. 7 out of 10.
  • Cast overview:
    Georgina Spelvin Georgina Spelvin - Valerie
    Harry Reems Harry Reems - Jonathan
    Valerie Marron Valerie Marron - Rainbow (as Valarie Marron)
    Mary Stuart Mary Stuart - Jean
    Alan Marlow Alan Marlow - David (as Alan Marlo)
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