» » Jusqu'au dernier Episode #1.1 (2014– )

Short summary

Fred Latour is a loving husband, an attentive father and a caring son. To take his mind off his daily business worries, his wife, his mother and his daughter organize a party for his 40th birthday. But, as he goes upstairs to change himself in his room, Fred falls dead through the veranda. Devastated, the three women, who are the only witnesses of the accident, join forces to face their loss and find out what really happened. What seems to be an unexplained suicide or a banal domestic accident could be a murder. And the operating mode reminds everyone of Fred's father's death, 30 years ago.

Episode cast overview, first billed only:
Valérie Karsenti Valérie Karsenti - Karine
Brigitte Fossey Brigitte Fossey - Hélène
Flore Bonaventura Flore Bonaventura - Sybille
Lionnel Astier Lionnel Astier - Magnier
Michaël Abiteboul Michaël Abiteboul - Leclerc
Marie-Christine Barrault Marie-Christine Barrault - Nadège
Jean-Claude Bouillon Jean-Claude Bouillon - Charles Teysson
Stéphane Freiss Stéphane Freiss - Marc
François Feroleto François Feroleto - Frédéric
Jacques Hansen Jacques Hansen - Adrien
David Baïot David Baïot - Gauthier
Serge Dupire Serge Dupire - Rochette
Laurence Cormerais Laurence Cormerais - Audrey Daniset
Paul Velle Paul Velle - Fabien Koskas
Maï Anh Le Maï Anh Le - Nadia
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