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Short summary

Scott Sanders is a hardworking man, who spends most of his living life at work. At home is his girlfriend, Jeannie Blake, a young pretty girl. As Scott works around the clock and starves Jeannie of attention, she starts to stray. She is hungry for attention. She starts sleeping with men behind Scott's back. Unbeknownst to Scott, her affair has gone terribly wrong - and so to try and make it right she ends it with her lover in order for a new slate. Her lover is not having any of it and sneaks in to her house and kills her. Who is the killer? It is up to DCI Winters and DS Stone along with Scott to work that one out.

Credited cast, sorted by IMDb STARmeter:
Christopher Torretto Christopher Torretto - Will (as Chris Torretto)
Dennis Hewitt Dennis Hewitt - Police Officer
Maria Douglas Maria Douglas - Grieving sister
Bafuor Amaofo Bafuor Amaofo - DS Stone
Michele De Lauch-Hay Michele De Lauch-Hay - Grieving Mother
Martin Owens-Cairns Martin Owens-Cairns - Scott Sanders
Kier Snowdon Kier Snowdon - Barman
Sarah Lowes Sarah Lowes - Helen Jeffries
John Sadler John Sadler - DCI John Winters
George Hutchinson George Hutchinson - Grieving Father
Leanne M. Hollick Leanne M. Hollick - Jeannie
Roland Turns Roland Turns - Forensic Officer
Leigh Thompson Leigh Thompson - Police Officer #2
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