» » Future Docs (2016)

Short summary

Hamish Maxwell, a film director from the future, takes a documentary crew back in time to document the life of his hero, Jeremy Smith, the morning before he becomes famous.

Cast overview:
Cameron Grant Cameron Grant - Jeremy
Dale Samms Dale Samms - Hamish
Darlene Cooke Darlene Cooke - Mrs. Smith
Aleksandra Maslennikova Aleksandra Maslennikova - Tilda
Rashaana Cumberbatch Rashaana Cumberbatch - Jen
James Kuta James Kuta - Officer Jones
Sasha Fatsevych Sasha Fatsevych - Teen #1
Nick White Nick White - Teen #2
Meccus Junior Meccus Junior - Man #1
Shakor Thomas Shakor Thomas - Man #2
April Valeroso April Valeroso - Film crew
Cowin Poon Cowin Poon - Film crew / Craft service
Ben Van de Mark Ben Van de Mark - Film crew
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