» » Deti chugunnykh bogov (1993)

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The films hero is a metal worker named Ignat who is as strong and tough as the steel that his sprawling factory produces in the Ural Mountains. Its a great cheerless environment; life is arduous and dangerous; conditions at the plant are nearly subhuman. Almost every day brings a new crisis at the factory and Ignat is called upon to advert yet another potential disaster. The only excitement in the grimy industrial town is provided by robbing a train at gunpoint or stealing sheep from the Bashkiri tribe. The most renowned diversion, however, is the annual fist fight between the strongest metal worker and the strongest miner from the region. Against his better judgment, but with the support of his co-workers, Ignat decides to take part in this perilous venture.

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Cast overview, first billed only:
Evgeniy Sidikhin Evgeniy Sidikhin - Ignat
Aleksandr Kalyagin Aleksandr Kalyagin - Foreman
Yuriy Yakovlev Yuriy Yakovlev - General
Nikolai Karnaukhov Nikolai Karnaukhov - Old man (as Nikolay Kornaukhov)
Mikhail Svetin Mikhail Svetin - Fellow sponsor
Aleksandr Feklistov Aleksandr Feklistov - Mityai
Mikhail Golubovich Mikhail Golubovich - Nasekin
Larisa Borodina Larisa Borodina - Raika
Yuri Slobodenyuk Yuri Slobodenyuk - Bekbulatka
Anatoliy Mambetov Anatoliy Mambetov - Bekbulatka's friend (as Anatoly Mambetov)
Valentin Smirnitskiy Valentin Smirnitskiy - Filipp Ilyich
Yuriy Kutsenko Yuriy Kutsenko - Fyodor
Mikhail Khlevinsky Mikhail Khlevinsky - Ignat's relative
Sergey Nerobeev Sergey Nerobeev - Driver
Sergey Garmash Sergey Garmash - Man in drinking-house
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