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    • Author: Malalanim
    The Time Machines is a documentary on the sport of drag racing that when it was released was at the time it was far ahead of its time. The storyline was built around those who knew the sport from the inside, the drivers like Big Daddy Don Garlits and The Snake Purdomme. The shooting script attempted to capture the images that matched the world created by these amazing drivers. One of the really outstanding segments within the film was a combination of original music and ultra-high speed slow motion created by a special industrial time-study camera. As some amazing original theme music played, complete with plaintive harmonic and lyrics lamenting the impossible dream of those who push themselves and their machines to the outer limits in this sport, a clock ticks, the rhythms of a beating heart is heard and viewers are able to see smoke circles exiting the chrome exhaust pipes until they explode against a huge trickster tire as it is expanding with centrifugal force away from the tire rim. Absolutely amazing stuff especially considering when it was made.
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