» » В пустыне смерти Chapter VIII: Force of Eagle's Claw (2015–2019)

Short summary

Sunny & Bajie escape from the mines & are forced to traverse the Badlands cuffed to one another & trying to stay alive. Meanwhile, the Widow & her new Regent Tilda work to solidify their holdings, while Ryder, the new Baron, tries to figure out what to do about the her. M.K. continues his training with the Master & learns terrible things about himself, his powers & his past.

At the mine where Sunny is a Picker there appears to be a parked spaceship similar to the USS Defiant from Star Trek: Deep Space 9.

Episode cast overview, first billed only:
Daniel Wu Daniel Wu - Sunny
Orla Brady Orla Brady - Lydia
Sarah Bolger Sarah Bolger - Jade (credit only)
Aramis Knight Aramis Knight - M.K.
Emily Beecham Emily Beecham - The Widow
Oliver Stark Oliver Stark - Ryder
Madeleine Mantock Madeleine Mantock - Veil
Ally Ioannides Ally Ioannides - Tilda
Nick Frost Nick Frost - Bajie
Marton Csokas Marton Csokas - Quinn
Stephen Lang Stephen Lang - Waldo
Lance Henriksen Lance Henriksen - Penrith
Chipo Chung Chipo Chung - The Master
Eve Connolly Eve Connolly - Ava
Stephen Walters Stephen Walters - The Engineer
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