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    • Author: Yozshubei
    I saw this film at the 2001 York Film Festival and was utterly horrified to be subjected to this self-indulgent tripe.

    It's an awfully hard 42 minutes to endure, with terrible script writing and direction, and utterly laughable makeup - particularly on 'Grandma'!!

    And what's with the title? The fridge has absolutely sweet F.A. to do with the plot!!

    The long and the short of it is, DON'T BOTHER WATCHING THIS!!!!!
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    • Author: Ranicengi
    This film was shown at the York international film festival in 2002 and I've been purposely avoiding it whenever it's cropped up at various other events ever since.

    The whole thing is nothing more than a self indulgent wallow by someone with more money than talent. For reasons that are hard to fathom Leslie Anne Coles has taken it upon herself to play all characters in this film from the middle aged "haunted dancer" to the 200 years dead Irish great grandmother who comes back to watch her dance away the grief of losing her only daughter.

    Leslie Anne Coles' attempts to make her self look like a long deceased Irish woman through smearing herself with white makeup and a dough like gluey substance drew nearly as many laughs from the audience as her mock Irish accent and the scenes of the haunted dancer stuffing her face with piles of food from the refrigerator (which we are invited to believe is her way of coming to terms with her loss) told us nothing meaningful about grief or the trauma of loosing a child.

    An added extra character in the film is the dancers clinically insane mother (also played by Lesley Anne Coles) who we see repeatedly in her mental institution and then undergoing Electro-Convulsive Therapy but with no further explanation. I can only imagine that she must have been driven to madness by the god-awful script that her other self prepared for her. It certainly came close to having that effect on me.

    This film really is, in every way, a turkey.
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    • Author: Fearlessdweller
    I saw this film at a short film festival in England, and perhaps it was presented in the wrong context, because it seemed to go on for ever. While the other shorts were punchy, witty and to the point, this indulgent 'long' wandered on and on, around and around. As I recall the direction, lighting etc were pretty good, but the narrative just meandered all over the place. Elements that were meant to be profound sometimes came across as plain comical, not least the woman in the fridge, but maybe this viewer missed some reference. One of the great rules is 'show don't tell', so the ceaseless explicatory voice over should have been ditched. Maybe this would work at a really 'artsy' festival, but up against low / no budgeted shorts it seemed flabby and dull. The most interesting part of seeing it was my sense of vertiginous panic as I realised minutes of my life were ebbing away watching this twaddle.
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    • Author: Oghmaghma
    This film was poorly conceptualized, written, acted and directed. The mise-en-scene looked embarrassingly amateur, especially where it concerns the lighting. On the whole, this film is completely unaffecting, self-indulgent and boring.
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    • Author: LeXXXuS
    this is a tedious vanity project. it thinks it is deeply profound but says nothing. miss coles has decided to place herself in nearly every scene for no other reason than to grab as much attention as possible. thoughts of being down the pub and actually having a good time kept on flashing across my mind. i want my 42 minutes of life back please!
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    • Author: The Sphinx of Driz
    • the Long Island International Film expo gives the little guys who may not have filmed on the Island but deserve to be seen. It allows the adventurous viewers to catch films they would not find in multiplexes they include... and In The Refrigerator, an allegorical short about four generations of women that was pre-screened by Academy for nomination in the Short Live Action category this year.

    THE GUIDE:" Best Bet" New York Times, Barbara Delatiner July 8, 2001

    "In the Refrigerator is one of those great films about tragedy that you almost never see. A film that takes the subject on with excellent narration, hauntingly beautiful cinematography, and great performances by real mother daughter pair Leslie Ann Coles and Rebeka Coles-Budrys." James Brundage - Freelance Film Critic
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    • Author: Samugul
    I saw this film at the York Independent Film Festival 2001. I sat through a lot of films over two days - Including mine Trick or Treat. But after eight years, I can safely say that In the Refrigerator: Spirit of a Haunted Dancer has stuck with me as something I would dearly like to watch again.

    I enjoyed it at the time and thought that Leslie Ann Coles performance was wonderful and had a haunting quality too. I certainly don't remember thinking that this film is too long - And Lord knows that I am the first to man about the length of a film

    If you ever see this Leslie - let me know where I can get a copy. had a nice haunting quality.
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    • Author: Dilmal
    I first got the opportunity to see this film at the Kissimmee Film Festival and then again at the Bare Bones International Film Festival. This film is a shining example of why independent films exists in the first place. It showcased incredible vision, direction, and talent. From the haunting cinematography to the award-winning acting, this film left you with a concrete idea of what its production and talent staff are capable of. That is, quality filmmaking with vision.
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    • Author: Dobpota
    Leslie Ann Coles has succeeded on every level. In the Refrigerator is a haunting story that grabs you from the very beginning and doesn't let go. The acting is superior to any recent Oscar winners, the photography is sweeping and the story grows more compelling with every scene. I was fortunate to catch this film at one of the over thirty film festivals it has graced and it is well deserving of all its awards. And even more deserving of a feature length treatment. Very well done.
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    • Author: Axebourne
    I found this film to be very innovative and courageous. Not many people take on the task to not only tell a personal story but to portray all main characters in the film. I commend the director for illustrate a difficult story line and using her resources to the utmost. -- continue to illustrate different stories Leslie!
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    • Author: Saithinin
    I enjoyed "In The Refrigerator - Spirit of a Haunted Dancer". It effectively shows that we must embrace our blood ties no matter how frightening a challenge that may be. Director and actress Leslie Ann Coles portrays four related yet distinct characters and Rebeka Coles-Budrys offers an unaffected intensity. The film is emotionally rich and visually strong.
  • Credited cast:
    Leslie Ann Coles Leslie Ann Coles - Candas, Babe, Doll & Martha
    Rebeka Coles-Budrys Rebeka Coles-Budrys - Young Candas
    Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
    Michèle Duquet Michèle Duquet - Social Worker (as Michelle Duquet)
    Stephen Fretwell Stephen Fretwell - Detective Stephen's
    Weir Revie Weir Revie - Orderly
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