» » Toi, moi, les autres (2010)

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A musical centered on the romance between a wealthy slacker and an Arab law student.

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    • Author: Burking
    This movie is a mixed bag, some elements like the acting, and dancing are well done, and I hope that the actors and talent can bounce back from this, but everything else is so unoriginal and tired it's hard to sit through. This movie is your basic Bollywood musical, boy meets girl, and hi-jinx ensues, with a sub-plot about an illegal immigrant (who happens to be a close friend of the girl) at risk of being deported. This sub plot is actually far more interesting than the relationship, and it feels as if it was a poorly created adaptation of a novel. The couple does have some chemistry, but where this movie ultimately fails is the story. At times the story gets pretty choppy, where things are implied rather than shown, and it can be a little confusing. The couple's characters are also butchered, like when there is a scene of the couple making out while the immigrant/friend is being arrested. How again are we supposed to sympathize with them? Also, toward the end, this film tries to insert a message against deportation. I'm not against this, I just feel it was lazily shoved in along with a bunch of other plot points, and could have been developed more. Why not get us to sympathize with the immigrants character and argue her case? That scene in the jail cell was great!

    All in all, this movie is a mess in terms of story, but if your'e patient enough, you might be able to enjoy the silliness. Just be prepared for a bunch of pointless songs, characters who make really terrible, stupid decisions, and an unsatisfactory, contrived ending.

    Watch this movie with a bunch of friends sometime and have fun criticizing the chaos.

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    • Author: Enila
    Lately, watching Paris in movies (« frantic », « max »), i would say that this wasn't my Paris : Now, this is the one i live everyday, in subway, in streets. Paris isn't an united or tolerant city but an addition of ghetto: it's the left-bank vs the the right-bank, the wealthy vs the poor, the white vs the non-white. Last year during my trip in Sweden, i learned the word « gentrification » and i think that what's happening to Paris : in short, Paris is the home of those who have money and they oust slowly but surely those who haven't.

    This movie isn't really about gentrification but the dynamic is here : the boy from the powerful family and the girl from the poor district : if the beginning is light and happy and makes think it will be superficial musical comedy, the story takes a dramatic turn as soon as the illegal mother is arrested : strangely, the songs are much better, especially Balavoine's « save love » ! By dealing with the immigrant fate, the movie really wins a heart, all the more that this subject is usually put in the closet. The lines are powerful with one side talking about file, number and the other fighting with person, family ! Leila is always good playing rebellious, upright characters and if like her partner, she dances better than she sings, this movie is definitely a happy breath in our old dusty and blind french cinema.
  • Cast overview, first billed only:
    Leïla Bekhti Leïla Bekhti - Leïla
    Benjamin Siksou Benjamin Siksou - Gabriel
    Cécile Cassel Cécile Cassel - Alexandra
    Marie-Sohna Condé Marie-Sohna Condé - Tina
    Chantal Lauby Chantal Lauby - Valérie
    Nicolas Briançon Nicolas Briançon - Brice
    Djanis Bouzyani Djanis Bouzyani - Momo
    Guesch Patti Guesch Patti - La femme de l'Est
    Martine Gomis Martine Gomis - Kaïna
    Emir Seghir Emir Seghir - Agib
    Renaud Astegiani Renaud Astegiani - Angelo
    Selim Clayssen Selim Clayssen - Souleyman
    Math Samba Math Samba - Fidèle
    Gladys Gambie Gladys Gambie - Glawdys
    Abel Jafri Abel Jafri - Abdellatif
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