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The Resturant in the Hood that is different as the color of your skin. A taste of the orient, with a twist from the hood.
The Story of a Chinese restaurant known as "The Golden Empire" is the setting place where different cultures interact with one another on an everyday basis but are as separate as the bulletproof glass that divides their social order. This story takes place in the heart of an intercity at this restaurant in which Jennifer Ting, Ping Ting, and Cousin Leo serve up a hardy appetite of Chinese food to an assortment of characters. With this in mind, the life that takes place on either side of the Plexiglas partition is as different, as the color of their skin. This is a funny and some what dramatic look at the clashing of cultures and how they exist in the midst of controlled everyday chaos. "The Golden Empire" will show you how lives associate adapt and modify to fit an ever changing environment with a climax that will leave you speechless. And the beauty of poetry that delivers a most delightful and enchanting touch

Cast overview, first billed only:
Clifton Powell Clifton Powell - Old School
Karen Yelverton Karen Yelverton - Baby
Roger Wu Roger Wu - Ping Ting
House House - Gay Man
Carolina Hoyos Carolina Hoyos - Mink
Tracy Mazyck Tracy Mazyck - Short Man
Zeke the Untouchable Zeke the Untouchable - Dell
Thomas Phillips Thomas Phillips - Poboy
Sonja Knox Sonja Knox - Girl #1
Connie Jackson Connie Jackson - Old Woman
Skyy Skyy - Melena
Saleema Whittle Saleema Whittle - Fanny
L. Nicole Wise L. Nicole Wise - Tisha
Pierre Burgess Pierre Burgess - Pooky
Bonique Cisrow Bonique Cisrow - Lisa
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