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Tüskevár  watch online HD
  • Original title:Tüskevár
  • Category:TV Series / Adventure / Family
  • Actors:László Bánhidi,Zoltán Seregi,Ferenc Zenthe
  • Video type:TV Series

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    • Author: Folsa
    Based on the book of famous Hungarian writer, István Fekete (who mainly wrote titles about animals, like Vuk, Lutra) this is a must see for all computerized Nintendo kids, who ever forget, that there's reality outside the screen. The story is about two urban boys, who spend a summer at the romantic Kis-Balaton side with an old field keeper, and gradually change their point of view about their civilized life, and fall love with the NATURE itself. Of course, first cases they fail, and this series is about their (both physical and mental) development. The acting, or dramaturgy is nothing special, it's on the level of 1950's, although there are some breath-taking shots of wildlife, which sadly nowadays already have disappeared from the location of shot, so this movie is natural memento as well. Although the movie is good enough, nowhere good as the novel itself, which is brilliant and I hope that is translated to some languages in order to be enjoyed by not only Hungarian children and adults as well.
  • Series cast summary:
    László Bánhidi László Bánhidi - Matula bácsi 8 episodes, 1967
    Zoltán Seregi Zoltán Seregi - Tutajos 8 episodes, 1967
    Ferenc Zenthe Ferenc Zenthe - István bácsi 7 episodes, 1967
    Tibor Barabás Tibor Barabás - Bütyök 6 episodes, 1967
    József Petrik József Petrik - Bütyök 6 episodes, 1967
    Manyi Kiss Manyi Kiss - Náncsi néni 6 episodes, 1967
    Tibor Molnár Tibor Molnár - Csikósi Balázs 5 episodes, 1967
    István Velenczei István Velenczei - Kengyel, matek tanár / - 5 episodes, 1967
    Teri Földi Teri Földi - Barkóczi Éva 4 episodes, 1967
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