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A story about bravery, self-sacrifice and human dignity put on trial by the merciless power of nature. A young pilot is fired from military air force after disobeying an absurd order. He gets a job as a co-pilot with a civil airline. Being brutally honest and direct, he is not on best terms with his new colleagues. During a flight to Asia his crew receives a distress message from a volcanic island and makes a decision to attempt a rescue mission. Will it be a success? Will they survive the disaster? They have a single chance to find that out: by being a team and sticking up for one another.

First movie in Russian history partly shot on new IMAX camera.

Remake of first Soviet disaster film of the same name.

Second Russian movie released in IMAX (after Stalingrad, 2013)

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    • Author: Уou ll never walk alone
    This movie was a surprise for me. I knew that Russian cinema is good, but I have never seen a Russian movie with complicated special effects, and I was very pleasantly surprised. Without going into the details of the plot, this is a movie that has a mix of issues that are usually dealt with separately, and here they are interconnected. A love relationship, two separate son-father relationships (between Alex, the main character and his father, as well as between Alex's boss and his son), adventure and even satire on the way workplace relationships are handled in Russia, as well as a basic human desire to help fellow humans and be brave, all are smartly combined to produce a very satisfying movie that keeps you in continuous suspense. The special effects are impressive and would not shame a Hollywood movie. Highly recommended.
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    • Author: Tejora
    This movie is worth watching. You will forget about popcorn. I didn't notice how 2 hours had passed. It impressed me more than Revenant. It made me cry a few times. It is very deep and dramatic. Kozlovsky is not just very handsome, but also a talented actor! You totally believe everything he does. The movie combines both Russian drama traditions and modern action. The plot concerns not just a catastrophe, but also important issues like family values, human dignity and courage. Bright, colorful, emotional, interesting to watch. Inspired by the 1979 Soviet film Air Crew, it was the second catastrophe film shot in the Russian Federation. The film was shot in digital 3D IMAX camera and become the second Russian film shot using this equipment after Stalingrad (2013) by Fedor Bondarchuk. The filming took place in Moscow, Moscow region and in the Crimean peninsula. In the peninsula they filmed on as the earthquake-prone island volcano in the Indian Ocean. The crew has shot the flight scenes in two planes: The Tupolev Tu-204SM (RA-64151 board) and decommissioned Tupolev Tu-154 of Kosmos Airlines (RA-85796 board).
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    • Author: Endieyab
    Wow, what an incredible action adventure disaster film! The film has three very definite acts: the first is the introduction of the characters, and is interesting in its own right as we get to know the very likable characters. The second act is just complete mayhem. My goodness, it was awesome, as the film took us on a very unexpected turn. There are earthquakes, a volcanic eruption, incredible destruction scenes, runways collapsing, people running for their lives! The third is essentially a rescue operation, as the crew and passengers must overcome obstacle upon obstacle in mid-air between two aircraft. Wow, wow, wow, if you're a disaster movie fan and not entertained by this, I honestly don't know what would!
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    • Author: Keramar
    The Russian disaster film, partially inspired by the 1980 film of the same name. One of the film to do good business outside the domestic market, particularly in Japan and China. So there are lots of great stuff about it, from filmmaking to the box office and I enjoyed watching it, but did not like it as overwhelmingly. That does not mean it is overrated, but I liked it less, that's all.

    It is set to tell the story of life of pilots, their personal life, such as trouble with romance, family issues and tackling obstacles in their professional line, especially when they were needed the most. So in the first half it was all about drama, an introduction to what comes in the latter half. A pilot father struggling with his troublesome teen son. And another pilot who got fired from the Russian air force, now in a private airline where he meets a woman, but having a difficulty to stabilise the relationship.

    When the second half begins, the narration completely flips. Like it is a different film, particularly brings attention to the action- adventure fans. Fate brings them all together in a plane and they decide to evacuate people who are stranded in an airport near the Alaskan region island when it was hit by volcanoes and a series of earth quicks. The remaining is to reveal the heroic acts by the pilots and Co.

    "He's a pilot gifted by God. My hands are only hands, his hands are wings. I have never seen anyone like this before."

    Visually, it was good. All those crucial parts of the graphics were rendered neatly. Even the stunt sequences were composed so well. But some of them were unrealistic. That's very common, even for a Hollywood film, so I think it's not a big deal. My issue was the film length. It was over two hours long and I did not like much of the first part. The next half was quite good, because of its thriller. When I thought it's over, the narration surprised with another adventure followed by in the final segment.

    Like usual this Russian film too has been built on the corruption plot. Not the whole film, but in the initial stage. The influenced people who target the honest employees for going against them. Really a good theme, but when the disaster part takes over, everything will be forgotten. Then it gets edgy, so that's where you will forget the time and sit straight to enjoy it. If you had seen plenty of similar heroic films, then it will be another okayish type. If not, you will have a good time with it.

    It took an hour to get into action-adventure, but in those times, it failed to build the romance part to its best. I'm disappointed with that since it had fine actors and situation to build on. The Father- son duo looked much better. In the second half, nothing of these sentimentally appealed as it should have been, not for me. Because it became more a heroic type with sacrifice than family and relationship influence. So overall it's a good attempt, a nice film for the weekend watch.

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    • Author: Karg
    I'm impressed acting actors and action films,

    not you bored for a single moment in the movie, in a few moments in the film.

    I really felt as if I were in that situation ... also i agreed with comment of Olga Latayeva Although usually watch Hollywood movies,

    this Russian movie surprised me,

    good acting and quality effects in film and action congratulations ... my recommendation to view this movie ..... Very reserved acting talent captain and auxiliary pilots. These roles are done very professionally and at a high level.
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    • Author: Foxanayn
    This is a Russian air disaster thriller that centers on young pilot Alexey Gushchin (Danila Kozlovsky). Alex is a good pilot who has trouble with authority. He is big hearted and does the right thing, not minding who he angers. He was kicked out of the military for disobeying a direct order and is now working for a commercial airline, not getting fired by a friend. He was quick to acquire another pilot as a girlfriend.

    He is being "trained" by Leonid Zinchenko (Vladimir Mashkov) who has changed his opinion of Alex as our threesome end up on a humanitarian mission to Kanwoo faced with the rescue of many civilians, a volcano, and all that stuff that was in the simulator.

    The climax scene was not shot well. It should have looked more perilous. The English dubbing had a British accent and I though a disagreeable officer was doing Churchill.

    Guide: No nudity. No swearing. Implied sex scene.
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    • Author: Vozuru
    I love this awesome movie. It covers the various complexity of human relationships in a wonderful emotional and action packed manner. Great acting by every single actor. A brilliant experience.
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    • Author: Yayrel
    The most predecible film ever. When you try to make a thriller, you must be aware to make it credible, only to be emphatic with the characters. I can tolerate the lava, the destruction of the city, but every single frame that happens in the plain is... Impossible. A Sharknado happening in the mind of a Russian guy that have 10M$ to make this horrible movie. The main actor is the worst one I have ever seen: when he should be afraid, he stay calm. The best one, the father of the annoying teenager. The first part of the movie is really boring. The love triangle is stupid and the movie ends with the worst Movie scene ever.
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    • Author: Porgisk
    Flight Crew is a Russian disaster movie in which a flight crew gets stuck in an island and needs to get out of there. This is an awful movie. There's barely any redeeming quality to this movie. The directing is horrendous, with really weird stylistic choices and no sense of progression. This is one of the worst edited movies ever. There is so many awful transitions between scenes that baffled me. The acting is really bad. But it was really entertaining and hilarious. Not in the way the filmmakers expected. The main characters make horrible decisions and they are not believable at all. The final shot is so memorable that I was baffled at how anybody could see this and think that is OK. The story is clichéd and boring. The character's logic doesn't make any sense. This is a very entertaining movie to watch since you laugh at the stupidity of the movie. It was a very boring but also hilarious experience. 1/10
  • Credited cast:
    Vladimir Mashkov Vladimir Mashkov - Leonid Zinchenko
    Egor Morozov Egor Morozov - Valera (voice)
    Agne Grudyte Agne Grudyte - Alexandra
    Sergey Shakurov Sergey Shakurov - Nikolai Gushchin
    Sergey Romanovich Sergey Romanovich - Valera
    Sergey Gazarov Sergey Gazarov - Shestakov
    Yang Ge Yang Ge - Liu
    Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
    Rayanna Dibs Rayanna Dibs - Alexandra (voice)
    Alexander Drozhzhin Alexander Drozhzhin - Airport safety clerk
    Vera Ivanova Vera Ivanova
    Sergey Kempo Sergey Kempo - Steward Andrey
    Danila Kozlovsky Danila Kozlovsky - Alexey Gushchin (as Danila Kozlovskiy)
    Irina Pegova Irina Pegova - Lena
    Katerina Shpitsa Katerina Shpitsa - Vika
    Ekaterina Vinogradova Ekaterina Vinogradova - Nerse
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