» » Girls und Panzer Gekisen desu! (2012– )

Short summary

When Kuromorimine battles with Ooarai, we'll find out of Miho's tactics measure up to Nishizumi's!

Episode cast overview, first billed only:
Mai Fuchigami Mai Fuchigami - Miho Nishizumi (voice)
Ai Kayano Ai Kayano - Saori Takebe (voice)
Mami Ozaki Mami Ozaki - Hana Isuzu (voice)
Ikumi Nakagami Ikumi Nakagami - Yukari Akiyama (voice)
Yuka Iguchi Yuka Iguchi - Mako Reizei (voice)
Misato Fukuen Misato Fukuen - Anzu Kadotani (voice)
Mikako Takahashi Mikako Takahashi - Yuzu Koyama (voice)
Kana Ueda Kana Ueda - Momo Kawashima (voice)
Mika Kikuchi Mika Kikuchi - Noriko Isobe (voice)
Maya Yoshioka Maya Yoshioka - Taeko Kondou (voice)
Mari Kirimura Mari Kirimura - Shinobu Kawanishi (voice)
Eri Sendai Eri Sendai - Caesar (voice)
Satomi Moriya Satomi Moriya - Erwin (voice)
Yuka Inoue Yuka Inoue - Saemonza (voice)
Ayuru Ohashi Ayuru Ohashi - Oryou (voice)
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