» » Immer Ärger mit Newton New Improved Zippo/What Big Rewrite Notes You Have (1997– )

Short summary

The New Improved Zippo that Ned mistakenly buys makes Newton malfunction insome bizarre way (he can't control what or who he changes into); just when Ned's cousin Renfrew and his cat Bundle are visiting. Ned needs to find Zippo Classic, which is out of his decides to go straight to the source, Mega-Brands Corporate headquarters!;Ned is set to perform in the school pageant, but his staffsponsor/dramaturge is a would be writer who gives picky notes that slowlyturn "Little Red Riding Hood" into Mad Max and the Chicken-Wolf." (Newtonplays Ned's "agent" and his co-star).

Episode cast overview:
Harland Williams Harland Williams - Newton (voice)
Tracey Moore Tracey Moore - Ned (voice)
Carolyn Scott Carolyn Scott - Mom / Mrs. Bunn (voice)
Peter Keleghan Peter Keleghan - Dad (voice)
Colin O'Meara Colin O'Meara - Doogle / Renfrew (voice)
Tracy Ryan Tracy Ryan - Linda (voice)
Adrian Truss Adrian Truss - Sausage Steve Finland (voice)
Allen Stewart-Coates Allen Stewart-Coates - Gus (voice)
Jonathan Wilson Jonathan Wilson - Rusty (voice)
Tracey Hoyt Tracey Hoyt - Girl (voice)
Greg Swanson Greg Swanson - Mega (voice)
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