» » Soul Music Episode #1.4 (1997– )

Short summary

Ridcully is furious. It cost him $270 to get the wizards out of prison last night! They are getting more rebellious than ever.

Episode cast overview, first billed only:
Christopher Lee Christopher Lee - Death (voice)
Graham Crowden Graham Crowden - Mustrum Ridcully (voice)
Debra Gillett Debra Gillett - Susan Sto Helit (voice)
Andy Hockley Andy Hockley - Imp y Celyn (voice)
George Harris George Harris - Lias Bluestone (voice)
Neil Morrissey Neil Morrissey - Mort (voice)
Bryan Pringle Bryan Pringle - Albert (voice)
Bernard Wrigley Bernard Wrigley - Asphalt (voice)
John Jardine John Jardine - (voice)
Rosalie Williams Rosalie Williams - (voice) (as Rosalie Scase)
Maggie Fox Maggie Fox - (voice)
Jimmy Hibbert Jimmy Hibbert - (voice)
Maggie Fox Maggie Fox - (voice)
David Holt David Holt - (voice)
Rob Rackstraw Rob Rackstraw - (voice)
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