» » Callbox 23 (2012)

Short summary

Heather Blithe has a secret that she only shared with her two closest friends; Leah and Milo. They would do anything for her and prove it when she asks them to help her break all the rules of society to complete a journey of love, friendship and freedom, even if it means they risk losing her forever.

Credited cast:
Myles Cranford Myles Cranford - Birdman
Heather Free Heather Free - Pool Lady
Jocelyn Jolley Jocelyn Jolley - Heather Blithe
Sara Radovanovitch Sara Radovanovitch - Tattoo Artist
Corey J. Roberts Corey J. Roberts - Mini Man
Leah Shaw Leah Shaw - Leah
Brian Zarin Brian Zarin - Milo
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