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If you are bilingual, Englis5/Spanish, this a riveting crime drama from Spain that will keep you binge watching this 1-season series. Starring Eduardo Noriega in the lead role his acting, as always superb. The supporting cast gives outstanding performances. Everyone is perfectly cast. Carla Freijero, playing the female lead & Eduardo ex-lover, is perfectly cast. As for beauty, all the cast is great looking for their respective roles. But honestly speaking, I'm thrown for a loop between Eduardo Noriega & Carlos González. Each man in his own way is gorgeous! Perhaps they only way to solve the problem of choice is a three-way. The series is a titillating crime drama in every way.

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    • Author: Snake Rocking
    Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!!!

    This is a very wonderfully achieved TV series and couldn't be in a different way, because the scripts are awesome and the cast superb. The very much talented actor Eduardo Noriega (Tesis, Abre Los Ojos, El Metodo, etc) plays Dr. Tomás Sóller, a psychologist specialized in serial killers who randomly becomes the master piece of a very hard to solve case. That case is being led by officer Eva Hernández, Sóller's former girlfriend, which makes the plot more interesting yet. After the first episode, watchers realize that there's someone else behind the murders, someone that uses the serial killers to perform the dirty work for him. As soon as Sóller realizes that that same person is after him, decides to get even more involved in the cases. This TV show will get you hooked till the end and as well as being very entertaining, is a mind-teaser. Highly recommendable. As usual, remarkable performance by Noriega. Two thumbs up.
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    • Author: Nuliax
    I've broken the addiction, more or less, but there was a time when I watched almost every single cop show on TV. I don't even want to count how many police & detective shows I've watched, but out of all of them, "Homicidios" might be the best one I've ever seen.

    First, any review of "Homicidios" has to start with the superbly talented Eduardo Noriega, who plays Tomas Soller, a psychologist consulting the homicide unit investigating the multiple murder committed at the university where Soller is a professor. Initially, Soller is brought on as a consultant because one of the intended victims was also one of his students, but as the investigation advances, Soller's connection to the case deepens, to the point where the case becomes personal and Soller grows obsessed with finding and capturing the killer. As it turns out, the serial killer is a mastermind who manipulates troubled people into murder (no, that's not a spoiler, just the framework of the investigation revealed almost at the beginning). After the manipulated submissive is pushed over the brink to commit murder, the mastermind kills his pawn, then finds another vulnerable object of manipulation.

    As it so happens, the head of the homicide unit is also Soller's ex. If that weren't complicated enough, Soller's never gotten over her and takes advantage of their close working relationship to rekindle their romance. Two male detectives and a rookie female round out the rest of the homicide unit, and the four actors play their roles to perfection. Actually, there isn't a weak link anywhere on this show - the lead actors, the supporting cast, the scripts, the production values, the direction - everything is absolutely first rate.

    Unfortunately, the dimwits in charge put "Homicidios" in a horrible time slot (starting at midnight), which resulted in (oh, shock!) dismal ratings. So the show ran only one season, 13 episodes jam-packed with mystery, intrigue, suspense, and thrills. It drives me nuts that a show of this quality was canceled, but at least we have this one brilliant season to enjoy.
  • Series cast summary:
    Eduardo Noriega Eduardo Noriega - Tomás Sóller 13 episodes, 2011
    Celia Freijeiro Celia Freijeiro - Eva Hernández 13 episodes, 2011
    Vicky Luengo Vicky Luengo - María Losada 13 episodes, 2011
    Carlos García Carlos García - Alonso Izquierdo 13 episodes, 2011
    Enrique Berrendero Enrique Berrendero - Pablo Montero 13 episodes, 2011
    Mariano Venancio Mariano Venancio - Andrés Ramos 13 episodes, 2011
    Marián Aguilera Marián Aguilera - Susana Rota 12 episodes, 2011
    Mingo Ràfols Mingo Ràfols - Lorenzo Santamaría 11 episodes, 2011
    Esmeralda Moya Esmeralda Moya - Helena Cuevas 11 episodes, 2011
    Miguel de Miguel Miguel de Miguel - Carlos García Aranda 8 episodes, 2011
    Anna Allen Anna Allen - Patricia Vega 7 episodes, 2011
    Inma Isla Inma Isla - Amelia 6 episodes, 2011
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