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Spike TV is raising the stakes in the endless quest to discover the truth about the legendary creature known as Bigfoot, the seemingly mythical being that roams forests of the world, avoiding mankind. The network is announcing a new one-hour reality show, 10 Million Dollar Bigfoot Bounty, featuring ambitious teams of explorers on a brazen exhibition to unearth real evidence of Bigfoot's existence. The $10 million in cash, underwritten by Lloyd's of London, would be the largest cash prize in television history.

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    • Author: Unereel
    The largest cash prize in history. A multicultural cast of Big game hunters, trackers, Squatchers and nitwits.

    What's not to like? In the sea of Bigfootery this stands out from the pack; if for one reason. Skeptics trashing on the cast as they present the evidence from the hunt.

    Majority of Cryptid shows are riff with cheerleaders advocating for all sorts of quasi-evidence. The Gold standard of DNA suspiciously absent for the most part from these shows.

    Not on Bigfoot Bounty. The teams are seeking irrefutable evidence in the form of DNA. Blood, saliva, hair, or flesh, that will prove the existence of the great Beast Bigfoot.

    This has never been done before. Are the characters eccentric? Odd? Even shocking? Yes, it's T.V. after all.

    So instead of having a tiny car vomiting out a bunch of clowns who have no business being in the forest; we now have people who can be cut loose in the depths of the wilds, and not die.

    Individuals cast for the show; presumably due to expertise in their respected fields. Unlike all other shows of this nature; with their narrow monochromatic support for any divot (Bigfoot track), any sound (usually coyotes), smell, shadow, or hallucination which is instantly confirmed as a Squatch.

    Any hunter attempting such nonsense; looks to be finely ground into Cyptid fodder by Dr. Todd Disotell the genetic expert cast as the skeptical lightening bolt primed to fry any contestant that looks at him sideways.

    The only thing that would make this show better; would be electric shocks applied to every nitwit that brings in bogus data.
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    • Author: Saberblade
    A combination of reality show, True Bigfoot science and searching for the elusive animal brings this show together. Aimed at the skeptic who refuse anything except hard scientific fact but allows those of us who believe an up close look at those who are serious seeking the eluded unknown species. The teams attempt to show their skills at tracking, hunting, overall knowledge of the outdoors. At the end of each show one team is eliminated and no longer competes for the 10 million dollar prize to provide insurmountable scientific proof that Bigfoot really exist by providing DNA, Blood Sample, Furr or the ultimate proof to capture a living breathing Bigfoot. Hosted by Movie & TV star Dean Cain along with Scientist NATALIA REAGAN a PRIMATE CONSERVATION and DR. TODD DISOTELL SCIENCE'S WILDMAN. Too most skeptics it will only be a joke but for the rest who believe or are seeking the truth or just curious it is a great show
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    • Author: Aurizar
    So you're curious about BigFoot? And you tire easily of BigFoot dogma, hoaxes, silly hillbillies running through the swamp (well, u might see some of that) and want real science to boot?

    Then SpikeTV's "10 Million Dollar BigFoot Bounty" is a show you'll enjoy…indeed, you might even see some evidence and you might learn something if you aren't careful.

    BigFoot Bounty is the first show to put their money where their mouth is. With two well- renown scientists on the show, along with a former Superman (with an Ivy League degree no less!) and a varied, intriguing cast from all different backgrounds, this show's weekly adventures will have the teams collecting real DNA, "Gold-Standard" evidence and maybe, just maybe, proof that 5000+ years of anecdotal and legendary evidence is true.

    Family-friendly, real challenges and some personal inter-drama to boot? It beats the heck out of watching big, rich dudes in a swamp and you might find yourself wishing you had the same passion in your own life as exemplified by the show's contestants.

    Spike's 10 Million Dollar BigFoot Bounty is well worth the watch. Does BigFoot **Live?** Tune-in to find out!
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    • Author: Celace
    If you thought Bigfoot hunters had carved out their goofy TV niche with the program Finding Bigfoot, 10 Million Dollar Bigfoot Bounty has it beat by a mile with its level of absurdity. Kudos to the show's producers for coming with the silliest possible format. It clearly shows there is production money to be wasted in the entertainment industry.

    Watching the first episode was painful. If this show survives far into its initial season, I will be sadly surprised. It is a badly done mash-up of Amazing Race, Big Brother, and Survivor with an unintended heavy dose of the Joe Schmo Show. The participants are a motley collection, ranging from a Ken and Barbie-like couple, to a badly acted apparent psychotic who claims to have personally murdered a juvenile Bigfoot.

    Each team's matching outfits and contrived personae make them into clowns tramping and stumbling through the woods. If nearly any of them had to actually survive in the wilderness, they wouldn't last long before having to be rescued or coming to an unfortunate end.
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    • Author: Brajind
    No not really. This is yet another "reality" show stocked with people who don't know, for the most part, what they are doing. the cast of Ghost hunters dos a better job of hunting ghosts than these people do hunting Bigfoot. If they were serious about trying to verify the existence of Bigfoot they would not choose people who don't know what they are doing and hard core Bigfoot believers. The ones who seem to have a slight clue about how to track an elusive animal are the hunters in the group. They should have chosen people professional hunters/trackers and paired them up with primatologists or zoologists to hunt for the big primate. This show does more to ridicule those who are serious about the search for undeniable proof of this animal's existence than bring any credibility to it. The guy that claims to have killed a Bigfoot is the worst of the lot. He let's his religious believe in the existence of the creature to make him see definite evidence of Bigfoot everywhere. The and his flunky of a partner found a mound of horse crap and he said it was definitely Bigfoot poop.

    I REALLY wanted to take this show seriously. when I first heard about it I thought, "FINALLY a show that will conduct a serious and scientific search for this animal!" If this is what you are seeking don't bother watching. If you are seeking some entertainment then yes this show most certainly delivers there.
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    • Author: spark
    If they were serious about this they would of gotten teams of people that know what they are doing. That make a living at tracking animals and masking there scent and whatever else it takes to hunt down an animal. At least they get guns once in a while to shoot for DNA. Thats more than Finding Bigfoot. But its fun watching them stumble around trying to figure out what they should be doing. Isn't there trained professionals for this kinda thing that know how to cover there scent and sit and wait for hours until it walks by. Then they can shoot it. Get some army men or something, they know how to cameo, be quite and patient and shoot right the first time.
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    • Author: Fararala
    DNA tests done by the British show conclusively that the so called Bigfoot is a hybrid of an ancient polar bear and a black bear. This was also noted some years ago in Alaska when a hybrid was causing havoc in the area. It was surmised then that either a black bear or a Kodiak mated with a polar bear.

    They are the king of the jungle in their habitat. All those footprints everyone has is nothing but trickery. Now saying that, the people who saw and made casts of these footprints might have been fooled by others and the same with some sightings. Bears are also known to walk on two legs.

    What this all proves is, anyone out looking for a hybrid bear has a few rocks loose in their head as these are wild animals and will not hesitate to kill anyone. People who go out looking for these creatures are actually risking their lives for no reason. With all the electronic gizmos out today, don't you think someone, somewhere would have found something besides bear hair? Therein lies the problem, people just don't think.
  • Series cast summary:
    Stacy Brown Jr. Stacy Brown Jr. - Himself 8 episodes, 2014
    Dean Cain Dean Cain - Himself - Host 8 episodes, 2014
    Todd Disotell Todd Disotell - Himself - Host and Science Expert 8 episodes, 2014
    Natalia Reagan Natalia Reagan - Herself - Host and Science Expert 8 episodes, 2014
    Ro Sahebi Ro Sahebi - Himself 7 episodes, 2014
    Justin Smeja Justin Smeja - Himself 7 episodes, 2014
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