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Drama unfolds in 12 short hours of nightlife in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Lives intersect and run parallel under the cover of fateful darkness in this debut feature from filmmaker Raul Marchand-Sanchez. Three divorced ladies - one serious, one wild, one repressed - go out on the town and meet trouble and fun while they bond over their varied sad experiences. A teenage daughter reluctantly sets out to lose her virginity at her peers' coaxing. A handsome gigolo turns a $500 trick he'd rather forget and spends his night dodging fears with a friendly transvestite lounge singer who puts on a great show. A grandfatherly taxi driver works the overnight shift to supplement insurance that won't cover his beloved wife's Parkinson's medication, and winds up a hero in some regards. Capturing the mayhem is a frustrated entertainment reporter who gets her big break when she buys cigarettes at a convenience store and stops a robbery, while getting it all on tape.

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    • Author: Brightfury
    The movie follows along the path of movies such as Amores Perros and Babel. If you like movies where you have multiple stories taking place, then you'll like this movie. The movie is in Spanish, filmed on location in Puerto Rico, and gives you a brief taste of what Puerto Rico is like in some parts of the country. One of the guys from Menudo makes a star appearance in the movie, and does a good job in his acting. I can't recall much from the movie as far as details are concerned, but I do recall I enjoyed it as much as my wife did. I do recall that much of the movie takes place during the night. It's been several years, and we have been wanting to watch it again. Check out the movie, if you can. That's if you can find it playing at one of those independent theaters or if you can find it on video.
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    • Author: Alister
    A wonderfully energetic film with little story and ill-advised ending. I hope these people make lots more movies, and that they find a good writer who can tie up the loose ends without resorting to shallow tragedy. I was especially fond of Flavia Manes Rossi, but everyone was lively and interesting. A very talented cast.
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    • Author: Kizshura
    This is crap on a stick, my friends. It is the worst thing I have ever seen. I watched it because I was born and raised in Puerto Rico, and I've only been living in the US for 5 years, and I like to support everything that is done there. The quantity and quality of talent on that little island is astounding. Yet this is its official entry to the Academy Awards. Now, it is entirely possible that some people might be attracted to this because of its MTV-style, dizzying, all-handheld, quick-cutting "technique." Most people would probably be attracted to its "shock value": foul-language every other word, violence, sex, sex, and some more sex. This is something you really don't see much of in Puerto Rican films, which made it, in the eyes of many, "revolutionary." If what you want is shock value, you go see Pulp Fiction, where every other word is f*** and the violence is truly violent, yet it is so seamlessly put together, so well scripted, and so well acted, that you leave craving for more. The majority of people, however, have to admit that "12 Horas" is embarrassing art.

    I don't even know where to begin criticizing this movie, but I'll try: wretched acting (except for Mr. Betancourt, the taxi driver, who makes the best out of what he's given), poor directing (all-handheld, claiming to be "edgy," some good shots that usually get interrupted with really, really crappy editing), and of course, the worst writing in the history of film. Let's talk about story, shall we? (Don't worry, no spoilers here.) EVERY ELEMENT of this movie is ripped off from some other movie. I'm a big fan of when a movie pays homage to a classic, but this is no homage. Explain to me how in one scene in a bar one girl is wearing an outfit and her friends decide to do a "makeover" (`Clueless' ripoff), and within minutes she not only has a brand new outfit, but also new prescription glasses with a trendier frame. And whatever happened to introducing all of your characters within the first half-hour of the film? They have one person appearing an hour and twenty minutes into the film, ten minutes from the end. (Sure, in Costner's `Robin Hood' they bring in Sean Connery as King Richard in a cameo at the end, but he's been referred to the whole movie; we know he exists.) Thankfully, that character is not crucial to the film. Which, of course, begs the question: why IS he there at all? The answer, naturally, is that the filmmakers were out to "expose" the different sides of ourselves, the good and the bad. So what? If it doesn't pertain to the story, YOU CUT IT!

    That is, IF you can say that this had a story. It's more like a series of unrelated events. That's not a story. Soderbergh's "Traffic" is comprised of three different stories. They interrelate. They are well written. You CARE about these characters. In "12 hrs." there is no sense of cohesion except that all of the action happens within the same 12-hour span. And that by itself does not constitute a story.

    The point of this movie is to make you go `ooh, I can't believe they said that! And in Spanish!' (which is really their whole gimmick; nobody's ever done anything raw like this in Puerto Rico before). I thought we were way past that level as audience members.

    Let me see if I can sum up. "Showgirls" is better. "Showgirls" is Oscar-caliber acting, directing and especially WRITING next to this. You all know what I'm talking about.
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    • Author: Laizel
    A few minutes after I started watching this movie I completely forgot that it was just a movie with actors just portraying their respective characters. I truly felt that I was watching "real people" as they went about their respective twelve hours in this movie. I wonder why this movie was not nominated for any Oscars!

    I have,unfortunately, lived away from my Puerto Rico since 1978 but watching this movie I felt that I was back, watching this story develop right in front of my eyes.

    Although most of the actors, with the exception of Marcos Betancourt, were unfamiliar to me I was absolutely impressed with their performance. Hopefully, I will see all of them in future movies!
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    • Author: Duktilar
    Wow this movie really lowered the standard of what a bad movie is... every element of this "film" sucked. Crappy writing, bad acting, not even the pronunciation was good, bad sound, bad music, terrible editing and above all terrible directing... And to think that this movie cost $500,000.00 just really wants to make me vomit because Puerto Rico has real actors, real directors and real screenwriters who could have made three great movies with half a million... This film is just a shame and it is the worst movie I have ever seen. "Dude, where's my car?" actually looks like "The Godfather" when compared to this. The movie didn't even respect it's audience enough to at least have the sound in sync with the image. The stories do not make sense, the characters are not developed and the film (if it can be called a film) goes nowhere. It ends on the same note in which it began and in the end you just have to ask yourself, why? If you love bad movies then "12 horas" is for you, it was so bad that the razzies even overlooked it.
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    • Author: HeonIc
    Its really a shame that shallow tripe like this is representing our country's film community. There are a lot of talented people working here in PR, but sadly, what mostly gets filmed and shown is the WORSE things. 12 Horas is truly a big shame for us cinema lovers down here in PR..
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    • Author: AnnyMars
    Its just sad how this comes out of Puertorican cinema. Its not that this is the best the film comunity can produce but this is what gets funding. Allot of great films in Puerto Rico never see the light of day due to lack of funds and lack of exposure (its incredebly hard to find movie theathers that will play them since there are only two movie theather chains on the island Carribean Cinemas and Cinevista who are only now showing lee way in letting independent films in their theathers). Not only do film makers have a hard time finding funding but even if they do they have to conform to the demands of the producers who usually come from radio station owners, tv chains or goverment funds so this usually means hirring bad actors, stupid rewrites, ect. (for example how in the middle of the film the film makers stick in the safe sex ad or the convinient name dropping of business, the anti drug ads i could go on and on)

    Another factor is that many of the "good" actors in Puerto Rico are used to theather but have problems doing the crossover to television or cinema and ad to that inexperienced directors and well you have a disaster on your hands.

    There is some good in this film, great camera work, some good acting (not consistant though) and there are some funny moments (although once again few) Marcos Betancourt and Michelle Deliz are the best this film has to offer.

    But there is a TON of bad in the film which is not surprising over acting is probably the worst this film has to offer. Wanda Rovira is given far to many lines, Charlie Massó is given far to much time in this film and well the rest of the cast just flounders (especially the kids). Probably the best example is how in one moment we can be moved by one actors preformance (Marcos Betancour) and then have it complete thrown in the garbage by another (Yadira Nazario) The story of this film is predictable and unorigal. The screen writer gets so desperate he tries to shock us five minutes before the films ends as if he wants to cover all his bases.

    The sad thing is not that this is the best Puerto Rico has to offer because its not, its that this is whats allowed out of Puerto Rico when better films never see the light of day.
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    • Author: Usanner
    12 horas claims to be part of the Dogma movement on movies. This is a great marketing gig because in reality this movie is a wreck! From some awful acting from the leads and a convulted and meanningles storyline, this is a pretentious piece filled with cheesy cliches about the "night life" in Puerto Rico. The promise of different lives criss-crossing with teh taxi driver is another lie. What you will see is four bad oriented stories , literally copied and pasted together in a very "hip" way. An insult to what really happens in the streets of Puerto Rico. ! I cannot recomend it to any serious cinema lover.
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    • Author: Mr_KiLLaURa
    there are no words to describe how bad puertorricans "movies" are.this is simply another disguisting puertorrican effort to

    make a movie.this "movie" just like COMPLOT,LA FIEBRE,and puertorricans rap videos are painfully disguisting and ultra low budget.puertorrican films got the worst script,worst image quality,worst acting,and worst music that only a wicked,sick,mediocre,cheesy,puertorrican "director" can direct.the only good thing about this movie is that you can stop watching overall a mediocre stupid crap "movie".so disguisting.......
  • Credited cast:
    Marcos Betancourt Marcos Betancourt - Roberto
    Cielomar Cuevas Cielomar Cuevas - Cristina
    Michelle Deliz Michelle Deliz - Virginia
    Flavia Manes Rossi Flavia Manes Rossi - Jackeline Bom Bom
    Charlie Massó Charlie Massó - Abraham
    Yadira Nazario Yadira Nazario - Liza
    Wanda Rovira Wanda Rovira - Ada
    Teofilo Torres Teofilo Torres - Antonio (as Teófilo Torres)
    Rosabel del Valle Rosabel del Valle - Kathy
    Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
    Patricia Alonso Patricia Alonso - Draga #3 - "spanish fly"
    Jaime Bello Jaime Bello - Gustavo
    Joe Blues Joe Blues - Radio voice
    Fernanda Bracho Fernanda Bracho - Draga #1 - "fernanda"
    Juan M. García Juan M. García - Policeman
    Modesto Lacen Modesto Lacen - Asaltante
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