» » Aquí No Ha Pasado Nada (2016)

Short summary

Vicente recently got back to Chile after living in LA. He's now on vacation from a school full of people he can't relate to. He is young, reckless and kind of a loner. Spending summer at his parents' beach house in Chile, its days of lying on the sand, swimming and partying - with whoever. But one of those random nights of chasing girls and downing cups of booze changes his life forever. He becomes the main suspect of a hit-and-run incident that caused the death of a local fisherman. "I wasn't the one driving," he says, but his memories are a blur. He was in the car. He was wasted. And the driver he recalls happens to be the son of a powerful politician. His case, is not an easy one. Slowly but steadily, power, manipulation and guilt will unravel, precipitating Vicente into a downward spiral that brings his sweet summer vacations to a bitter end.

Cast overview, first billed only:
Agustín Silva Agustín Silva - Vicente
Paulina García Paulina García - Roxana
Daniel Alcaíno Daniel Alcaíno - Fiscal Yañez
Alejandro Goic Alejandro Goic - Tío Julio
Luis Gnecco Luis Gnecco - Gustavo Barría
Samuel Landea Samuel Landea - Manuel
Dindi Jane Dindi Jane - Francisca
Isabella Costa Isabella Costa - Ana
Augusto Schuster Augusto Schuster - Diego
Pilar Ronderos Pilar Ronderos - Camila
Victoria De Gregorio Victoria De Gregorio - Sofía
Camilo Carmona Camilo Carmona - Víctor
Horacio Pérez Horacio Pérez - Abogdado Andrade
Daniel Candia Daniel Candia - Carabinero
Li Fridman Li Fridman - Lucía
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