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A private banker goes into a coma. His sister becomes the director and finds out his coma might not be accidental as she finds obscure transactions her brother was involved in.

Paintings in the Alexandre Grangier's office are the 'Marat' and 'Gabrielle' by Swiss photographer Vincent Calmel.

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    • Author: Stick
    This is a pretty good show, and it's interesting to watch the Swiss turning their banking system into dramatic material in these post-financial crisis times. The ending is good, so keep watching.

    A few things could have been handled better, including the American link, and I found the lead performance of Elisabeth somewhat misguided: Although she is supposedly an independent and experienced woman, she is played as a nervous and emotional being, unable to keep a cool head even as she sees the importance of her chosen mission.
  • Series cast summary:
    Stéphane Metzger Stéphane Metzger - David Neri 6 episodes, 2017
    Arnaud Binard Arnaud Binard - Alexandre Grangier 6 episodes, 2017
    Laura Sepul Laura Sepul - Elisabeth Grangier 6 episodes, 2017
    Raul Fernandes Raul Fernandes - Inspector DOJ 5 episodes, 2017
    David Cunado David Cunado - Gérant 3 episodes, 2017
    Nathalie Lannuzel Nathalie Lannuzel - Directrice ONG 3 episodes, 2017
    Felipe Castro Felipe Castro - Inspecteur de police 2 episodes, 2017
    Valentin Cazacu Valentin Cazacu - Garde du corps Borova 2 episodes, 2017
    Dimitry Danilov Dimitry Danilov - Garde du corps Borova 2 episodes, 2017
    Oleg Eyben Oleg Eyben - L'Homme en Noir 2 episodes, 2017
    Maria Fitzi Maria Fitzi - Conseillère Fédérale 2 episodes, 2017
    Mariama Sylla Mariama Sylla - Maria - Doméstique 2 episodes, 2017
    Nastassja Tanner Nastassja Tanner - Escorte 2 episodes, 2017
    Raphael Vachoux Raphael Vachoux - Employé 2 episodes, 2017
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