» » Shark In the Grasp (2006–2008)

Short summary

CU College Student Sydney Blair accuses 3 boys of raping her at a party on campus, all three are star Football players with huge endorsements lined up. Stark is certain of a conviction when the DNA of one of them, Josh Carpenter is found inside Sydney and she identifies him as the lead rapist. Josh' lawyer and the Dean of the College are trying to protect their meal-ticket while Stark is trying to prosecute them all for their involvement. Things start to unravel when Josh, on the stand, reveals that Sydney is his ex-girlfriend and they had sex not at the party, but that morning and he left her because she wanted a serious relationship. Furious that Sydney lied this whole time, and convinced that she was trying to get back at Josh by crying wolf, Stark decides to drop the case but Madeleine asks for 24 hours to prove that the other two did rape her. Meanwhile, Julie is suspended from school after she is accused of plagiarism on her English-Lit paper. If found guilty by a review board, ...

Episode cast overview, first billed only:
James Woods James Woods - Sebastian Stark
Danielle Panabaker Danielle Panabaker - Julie Stark
Sophina Brown Sophina Brown - Raina Troy
Sarah Carter Sarah Carter - Madeleine Poe
Alexis Cruz Alexis Cruz - Martin Allende
Sam Page Sam Page - Casey Woodland
Jeri Ryan Jeri Ryan - Jessica Devlin
Arielle Kebbel Arielle Kebbel - Sydney Blair
Paul Schulze Paul Schulze - Ted Jeffries
Bryce Johnson Bryce Johnson - Josh Carpenter
Damaine Radcliff Damaine Radcliff - Nelson
Matt Lanter Matt Lanter - Eddie Linden
Andy Umberger Andy Umberger - Dr. Bennett Flynn
Adam Clarke Adam Clarke - Detective Frye
Alicia Ziegler Alicia Ziegler - Tandi Parker
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