» » Square Deal Episode #2.4 (1988–1989)

Short summary

Nigel's new policy of being unrelentingly nice to Emma makes him prepare breakfast in bed for her. He pinches the roses from next door's garden, unaware he has been spotted by the neighbour Geraldine Gunter-Forbes. Sean decides to check whether Nigel really was captain of boxing. He discovers that he wasn't. At Barrington & Grout Max gets a call from an important property developer callexd Colonel Drake. He plans to vists B&G to see whether they are fit to handle his classy 18 unit conversion on Peckham Rye. Colonel Drake has heard good things of Max and Max regards this as a personal coup, but refuses to tell Nigel about it. Meanwhile Nigel, to Max's despair, treats an aggrieved client very badly. Geraldine vists Emma, and complains about the roses that Nigel pinched. Geraldine has a husband, Rodney, but he's overseas in the Gulf. Geraldine is very impressed with Emma's sketches, and commissions her to do her bathroom. Emma is thrilled. Meanwhile, Sean discovers that vegetarian Alan ...

Episode credited cast:
Alan Bennion Alan Bennion - Colonel Drake
Tim Bentinck Tim Bentinck - Nigel
Brett Fancy Brett Fancy - Sean
Richard Kane Richard Kane - Mr. Barry
Jo McEvoy Jo McEvoy - Sally
Lise Ann McLaughlin Lise Ann McLaughlin - Emma
Georgina Melville Georgina Melville - Geraldine
Jeremy Sinden Jeremy Sinden - Max Grout
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