» » Infected Crosshairs (2016–2018)

Short summary

Ryan, Ian and Cody come face to face with Riley and Ethan and are forced to fight; Shane and Selena grow a newly found friendship.

Episode cast overview:
Anthony Lucero Anthony Lucero - Marcus Smith
Eric Martinez Eric Martinez - Shane Valdez
Aaron Ortiz Aaron Ortiz - Ryan Kennedy (as Aaron Encinas)
Dean Gonzales Dean Gonzales - Cody Johnson
Manuel Griego Manuel Griego - Jake MccLeary
Andrea Paredes Andrea Paredes - Selena Reyes
Daniel Ortiz Munoz Daniel Ortiz Munoz - Jonathan Gonzales
Briar Lachance Briar Lachance - Riley Warren
Anthony Vasquez Anthony Vasquez - Will
Elena Pearson Elena Pearson - Nicole White
Andrew Bornman Andrew Bornman - Ian
Nico Gentile Nico Gentile - Ethan
Santiago Corriz Santiago Corriz - Donte
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