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Revealed through the perspective of two passionate yet introverted artists, Insalata Caprese is about the moment we stop waiting for life to happen and dare to start living.

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    • Author: Zut
    what a beautiful story! Simple and not overdone, but well told. This story is easy to identify with and will leave you with a wonderful feeling of happiness. Perfect length, also. A lovely love story in a beautiful context. The script is well crafted and the movie bursts with color. The movie celebrates the simple joys in life, so simple that most people do not consider them joys, but they are. I love that it is a love story with depth and meaning. The love aspect does not just apply between two people, but between people and nature as well as people and moments. Don't be fooled, this story also carries depth way beyond what it seems too and will leave viewers with a feeling of love and sadness. There will be tears of happiness streaming down you face.
  • Credited cast:
    Matt Amendt Matt Amendt - Jacob
    Valeri Mudek Valeri Mudek - Caitlin
    Barbara June Patterson Barbara June Patterson - Adelpha
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