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Nora Egan, a pretty attractive Irish lassie, is very much in love with Rory O'Connor, who has aspirations for the priesthood. This situation worries Father Daly, the parish priest. Jim Macy, the bailiff, loves Nora, but she spurns him. Angered, he vows that unless the taxes are paid that Nora and her widowed mother shall be the first to be evicted from their home. Father Daly attempts to quiet the mob that has gathered around the notice of eviction of non-taxpayers. The bailiff, with some English troops, starts evicting the Irish from their homes and a great fight takes place. Nora's mother is arrested and Nora, pursued and insulted by Jim, meets Rory, who gives him a good beating. Father Daly arrives upon the scene of the fight and succeeds in stopping it until he can arbitrate matters. That evening, tired with his strenuous day. Father Daly falls asleep. He dreams that the English are attempting to evict the Irish from their homes. Rory is pursued and escapes into a cave where he ...

H.B. Warner's first film.

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    • Author: Nakora
    A two-reel Irish story, written by Wm, H. Clifford. This follows in the wake of former successes. The settings are pleasing and some good photographic effects are achieved, particularly that of the goat herd in the moonlights. Some of the character work is better than usual and the fighting scenes are full of life. The story of the harp was interesting, but it did not seem that the most was made of it, particularly toward the close, where the situations were rather weak. - The Moving Picture World, January 10, 1914
  • Cast overview:
    Ramona Radcliffe Ramona Radcliffe - Nora Egan (as Miss Radcliffe)
    Richard Stanton Richard Stanton - Rory O'Connor (as Dick Stanton)
    H.B. Warner H.B. Warner - Father Daly
    Lew Cody Lew Cody - Jim Macy
    George Osborne George Osborne - The Priest (as Mr. Osborne)
    Walter Belasco Walter Belasco - The Bailiff
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