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Chaos and lawlessness reigns in the city of "N", justice is managed by the hired executioner by nickname "Arbitr". The skilled investigator, and his workmate, the young militia lieutenant, decide to catch the mysterious murderer of "Arbitr". During the investigation it becomes clear that the murderer not the professional criminal, but the person, once fallen a victim.

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    • Author: Lestony
    This 1992 film is the story about a young police man from Moscow. He is going to go to vacation to the sea, but first he must solve the mystery of 80 crimes made by one unknown man. This boy is awesome, he reads enemies' plans by his mind and looks more like punk on a motor bike.The guy is shown very unusual for police service -listens to modern music: optimistic and brave. The film looks more like video clip with the music by A Artemeyev ,Obermaneken (very stylish Moscow new wave band). What should I say, very strange and unusual film with dozen of humor and music. Not much mystery-looks more like music thriller. A lot of famous Russian actors can be seen here.
  • Credited cast:
    Aleksandr Solovyov Aleksandr Solovyov - Arbitr
    Rolan Bykov Rolan Bykov - Vladimir Ivanovich, detective
    Ivan Okhlobystin Ivan Okhlobystin - Andrey, detective
    Fedor Bondarchuk Fedor Bondarchuk - Roma
    Kirill Kozakov Kirill Kozakov - Monk
    Rimma Markova Rimma Markova - Andrey's mother
    Kseniya Kachalina Kseniya Kachalina - Arbitr's girlfriend
    Elena Khmelnitskaya Elena Khmelnitskaya - Anna (as Alyona Khmelnitskaya)
    Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
    Aleksey Annenkov Aleksey Annenkov - Forensic scientist
    Aleksandr Chislov Aleksandr Chislov - Militiaman
    Sergey Klanovskiy Sergey Klanovskiy - lieutenant Shmyga
    Stanislav Kostetskiy Stanislav Kostetskiy - Prosecutor
    Mikhail Mukasey Mikhail Mukasey
    Vladimir Zubenko Vladimir Zubenko - Criminal
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