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    • Author: Fohuginn
    You gotta love this movie. Whether poison gas is spewing from the evil Queen's navel or a donkey is disputing Communist doctrine, it's a load of laughs. The special effects are strictly on the cheap (at one point, I thought I was going through the Wayback Machine with Mr. Peabody), but they are completely in keeping with the overall style and message. It's kind of hard to read the subtitles, as they are very small and go by quickly. I'm still not sure how things turned out for Mr. Wang or how he ended up serving the demon, but I think that it's unimportant. Be sure to sing along with the Immortals when they break into song. Much more fun than "Aleksander Nevsky".
  • Credited cast:
    Jung Wang Jung Wang
    Chi-Yu Chang Chi-Yu Chang
    Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
    Chung Shun Chang Chung Shun Chang
    Kuo Chun Chen Kuo Chun Chen
    Shao Ching Chou Shao Ching Chou
    Fei Chu Fei Chu
    Yao Chung Yao Chung
    Shi-Ta Fan Shi-Ta Fan
    Bi Hui Fu Bi Hui Fu
    Liang-Ge Hsiao Liang-Ge Hsiao
    Lu Lao Hsiao Lu Lao Hsiao
    Yu-Sheng Hsu Yu-Sheng Hsu - (as Yu-Sheng Tsui)
    Hsiao-Kang Hu Hsiao-Kang Hu - (as Shao Kang Hu)
    Ming Kang Ming Kang
    Hsiao Peng Kao Hsiao Peng Kao
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