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Adam continues to slip further away from Dana and his family, as doubts to his Carrington heritage have their effect; Alexis ends her relationship with Michael Culhane, causing him to seek revenge for her business dealings behind his back; Sarah Curtis continues to form an unnatural attachment for Krystina.

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    • Author: Avarm
    The bridal shower itself is an anti-climax, it seemed very staid, raising glasses, that's it. The shower merely serves to bring a group of people together.

    This episode, Gordon Thomson is the one in the spotlight, the difficult part of Adam, who is derailing like nobody's business. I'd say Gordon does more than adequate here, but then you have to take into consideration that it's been largely an uneven performance if he could have been doing so well as he does here (at times).

    Heather Locklear is great as usual, she's fortunately more prominent than in recent episodes, but this is Dana (Leann Hunley)'s episode as far as the script is concerned. I won't give her a full clearance, far from it, but she gave a real good try as the young genuinely-in-love wife-to-be seeing her dream slipping away.

    Oh, and that bit I said in my review last time, re Cassie Yates. I had some idea what the character was gonna do. It's what you're all thinking. But, no, in this episode, a vengeful character is quietly set in motion. No, I haven't peeked, it is mere speculation, but that strict nanny character getting fired, mark my words, she was quietly set aside for a reason. Something sinister is brewing, that much I know from (by accident) reading the synopsis on the back of the DVD cover. Hell, they shouldn't print such stuff where one could so inadvertently spoil the surprise for oneself. But there is gonna come one big load of frantic excitement. I don't really know who's involved, only that I've been barking up the wrong tree guessing all along, but now everything seems set.
  • Episode cast overview, first billed only:
    John Forsythe John Forsythe - Blake Carrington
    Linda Evans Linda Evans - Krystle Carrington
    Gordon Thomson Gordon Thomson - Adam Carrington
    Jack Coleman Jack Coleman - Steven Carrington
    Michael Nader Michael Nader - Dex Dexter
    Heather Locklear Heather Locklear - Sammy Jo Dean Carrington
    Ted McGinley Ted McGinley - Clay Fallmont
    Terri Garber Terri Garber - Leslie Carrington
    Cassie Yates Cassie Yates - Sarah Curtis
    Leann Hunley Leann Hunley - Dana Waring Carrington
    Wayne Northrop Wayne Northrop - Michael Culhane
    Christopher Cazenove Christopher Cazenove - Ben Carrington
    Diahann Carroll Diahann Carroll - Dominique Deveraux
    Joan Collins Joan Collins - Alexis Carrington Colby
    Paul Burke Paul Burke - Neal McVane
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