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A ship is abandoned by its owner in Hamburgs harbour. The crew calls on the dead souls of the Comintern who take possession of a do-cumentary filmmakers consciousness. Agitprop takes the stage once again but in the years of its absence it has become wild.

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    • Author: Wrathshaper
    Bertolt Brecht is alive, and he is a black deckhand aboard the MS Rheinland, an abandoned cargo vessel moored on the dingy fringes of Hamburg's busy container seaport. There's a whole world going on below deck. "Hölle Hamburg" is part left-wing conspiracy thriller, part makeshift mockumentary. I also felt like I learned quite a lot about the joys and sorrows of a freelance filmmaker (played by Martina Schiesser). My personal favorite among the movie's many oddities is the revolutionary, if somewhat hectic filing system used by the underground merchant marine; I'm writing it up as "pick at random and crumple at ease". It's like the bohemian counterpart of the old-school document management practiced by Craig Schwartz, the megalomaniac puppeteer, in "Being John Malkovich". Watch out for Makalu veteran Jens Rachut in a supporting role. Technically inferior, but that's the price you pay for guerrilla movie-making. An experience like no other. 4/10 for sheer strangeness.
  • Credited cast:
    Roland Adjao Roland Adjao - Matrose Rheinland #6
    Olajide Akinyosoye Olajide Akinyosoye - Mathew
    Ozan Alatur Ozan Alatur - Tageskind #3
    Zeki Alatur Zeki Alatur - Tageskind #2
    Rodolfo Aquino Rodolfo Aquino - Phillipinischer Matrose #3
    Ibrahima Bah Ibrahima Bah - Matrose Rheinland #2
    Sascha Baron Sascha Baron - Matrose Rheinland #5
    Julius Block Julius Block - Polizist#2
    Monika Bohrmann Monika Bohrmann - Geist #2
    Dschingis Bowakow Dschingis Bowakow - Rodriguez
    Matthias Breitenbach Matthias Breitenbach - Torsten
    Thomas Butteweg Thomas Butteweg - Gestalt #2
    Tobias Büchner Tobias Büchner - Polizist #5
    Ruben Cardenas Ruben Cardenas - Partygast #1
    Deborah M. Chamoni Deborah M. Chamoni - Deborah
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