» » Die Guten Feinde (2017)

Short summary

In LILI MARLEEN, Rainer Werner Fassbinder plays a resistance fighter battling against the Hitler regime. His name: Günther Weisenborn. Christian Weisenborn tells the dramatic life story of his father: As one of few members in his group the "Red Orchestra" he barely escaped execution, but his life-long efforts to reinvigorate his friends sentenced to death by Hitler's judges, had failed. For the entire Cold War and up until 2009, the group was treated as KGB agents and traitors to the country while former Nazis started working for the US intelligence. An intimate and unfettered quest by a son to understand the identity of his father; a look back at the Berlin of the 1930s and a special group of friends who loved life and, in the darkest hours of German history, ultimately chose good over evil.

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