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DEFORCE: A History of Tyranny in the Heart of America. For decades Detroit has been an emblem of Urban decay. From the High School graduation rate, to the corruption in leadership, to the staggering crime rate, Detroit is hurting. DEFORCE delves into the largely untold HOW and WHY of these problems. Looking beyond over-reported factors like the decline of the American auto industry, the film explores the systemic divisions at the core of Detroit's crisis. The conditions revealed and the history explored are, at once, specific to Detroit, and universally shared with nearly all of America's poorest, forgotten urban centers.

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    • Author: Water
    First, do not confuse this with the French film "De force", which has no relation to this excellent documentary about Detroit, MI.

    This doc is about the history of Detroit, its economy, its politics, and its police department...and how all have resulted in the downfall of a city which, only 50 years ago, was arguably the finest city in America.

    Deforce is far superior to the better-known doc "Detropia" in that it presents the audience with tons of statistical facts instead of emotional musings. If you wish to learn what has brought Detroit down, this is a really good place to start.

    While its title and imagery seem to place a lot of blame on the Detroit Police Department, Deforce's overall content is very fair and unbiased and, as I said, backed up by inarguable facts. Its as if the producers started out to make a film condemning the police and then did diligent research that discovered that political factors actually were far more to blame. This is documentary reportage at its finest.
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