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YOU ARE HERE is an allegory on the journey of life, especially at times when one feels victimized or shortchanged. The film looks at the way we so casually live in a class system built on blatant economic and social disparities, the way we so want to be fooled by our belief systems. By exploring a counter-point for every point, the film subtly questions not only our material value system but also our emotional value system. The plot revolves around a road trip gone wrong. The idea was to keep the seriousness of the situation but present it in a humorous manner with characters, plots and nuances that are realistic but at the same quirky and humorous, leaving the audience with a feel good buzz.

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    • Author: heart of sky
    A new-age, realistic film specifically made for the urban youth, YAHAAN SABKI LAGI HAI might not be a fine tuned, philosophical account of the confused lives of its small group of characters. But the film does have few brilliant moments to showcase along with a well attempted out of the box soundtrack supported by its meaningful lyrics. Being a multilingual project having a mix of English, Hindi and Bengali it's certainly not interested in targeting a wider set of audience. But had it been handled with the same maturity visible in its few insightful sequences, the film could have easily become a rebellious, path breaking project trying to portray the harsh social truth with a different perspective.

    Beginning well introducing its contrasting characters coming from various sections of our society YSLH lacks the clarity of subject till there is a visually disgraceful as well as emotionally moving scene before the intermission. The sequence around an attempted rape of an unconscious girl lying in a lonely jungle makes you sit straight and expect something more tense and unpredictable coming next in the second half. Sadly, the director fails to materialize on the momentum built and manages to return to the same only towards the finale with a great melodious track playing in the backdrop. Thus its these two sections of YSLH only (plus the experimental soundtrack) that save it from becoming another forgettable attempt in the off-beat genre.

    Revolving around the interlinked storyline of few young individuals facing the unfortunate incidents during their short road trip, YSLH has been shot well capturing the natural locations beautifully. Besides it's the soundtrack that supports the overall feel of the movie superbly (particularly in the climax) making it a worth trying venture for once because of the few merits mentioned above. However the silly muting act of the four letter word, more than 25- 30 times in its dialogues by the honorable Censors hampers the multi-lingual conversations quite badly and then the confusing story progression with all average to good performances from an unknown cast do not leave you highly impressed or moved as the end credits start rolling.

    In short, YAHAAN SABKI LAGI HAI is a true to life account of a transforming weekend lived by few young souls with a philosophical edge that required much more clarity in its characterizations. It doesn't have that solid punch for the interested viewers but still deserves a chance given for few of its thought-provoking moments and an appreciable well-conceived soundtrack with songs such as Dard, Beqaid and Kahin Na Kahin.
  • Credited cast:
    Varun Thakur Varun Thakur - Bharat
    Eden Shyodhi Eden Shyodhi - Kesang
    Heerok Das Heerok Das - Chandon
    Pavitra Sarkar Pavitra Sarkar - Mama
    Yoshika Verma Yoshika Verma - Anamika
    Asxem D'Lean Asxem D'Lean - Dojo
    Shahruk Khan Shahruk Khan - Accomplice
    Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
    Heerok Das Heerok Das - Chandu
    Asxem Dlean Asxem Dlean - Dojo
    Sandeep Ghosh Sandeep Ghosh - Bhanjha
    Sanjay Nath Sanjay Nath - Anamika's Father
    Pavitra Sarkar Pavitra Sarkar - Mama
    Eden Shyodhi Eden Shyodhi - Kesang
    Teeshay Teeshay - Shanti
    Varun Thakur Varun Thakur - Bharat
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