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A man who has lost everything in his life travels to Australia in search of his family.

First film of director Joo-young Lee.

When they were filming the scene that Soo-jin playing a violin in the house, the neighborhood called the police. Because the actress Hyo-jin actually can't play a violin at all, so it was very noisy.

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    • Author: BOND
    Movie: Single Rider (15)

    Rating: 4/5

    Lee Byung-hun is known mostly for his action thrillers. He really pulls out every role he does, with perfection. Undoubtedly, he repeats this same thing even in this differently written fantasy drama SINGLE RIDER. It's not that such films haven't been made before but the way it unfolds the journey of Lee Byung-hun's character is what makes it different.

    It won't be anywhere wrong to say that SINGLE RIDER rides totally on the shoulders of Lee Byung-hun. Other actors like Gong Hyo-jin and Ahn So- hee also do their respective parts well. But undoubtedly, it's Lee who steals the show with a stellar performance.

    The film's technical aspects are top notch. The cinematography is praiseworthy. The visuals of the film are quite excellent, and they are another reason why this film should be caught on a Blu-ray. The film succeeds in getting the emotional parts right and never bores till it ends.

    The music also needs to be appreciated as it enhances the viewing experience from time to time. The director deserves praise for bringing out the best from the cast.

    The film's unfolding towards the end is however a slight issue, as many might get confused as to what happened. Even I got. But I didn't find it difficult to realize what actually happened. The climax packs a punch as it's pretty intense.

    SINGLE RIDER undoubtedly is another addition to top Lee Byung-hun films. He will keep you engrossed no matter what. Just trust him, watch him, the film and just question yourself about how would you've felt had you been in his place?
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    • Author: Syleazahad
    I must say that all Lee Byung-hun's movies are just fantastic. I am actually more in love with the score of this movie, it's just all synced in a perfect sequence, perfect timing,and perfect music.
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    • Author: Mejora
    The plot is interesting and creative. But the whole movie lacks up and down. It is as peaceful as a river surface.

    The ending should be the only surprise. But i have read its summary beforehand, so ruin all the surprise.

    You are advised not to read any review before seeing this movie.
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    • Author: NI_Rak
    A interesting movie with some twist and turns. Movie revolves around a Broker who loses everything due to bankruptcy of the company he was representing. He travels to Australia to meet His family, ends up disappointed. He had missed most important part of his life pursuing his superficial dreams. Another character, a girl traveler working in Australia meets the broker. The story revolves around these characters. There is slight suspense which gives a clear idea about the plot of the movie. The movie is quiet slow due to which it becomes boring at times.

    Overall an interesting movie to watch which teaches you the meaning of life.
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    • Author: Shakagul
    !might contain spoilers!

    Very well done also showing human connections. I don't know how to describe this but it touched my inside and there is something that only you can feel not say. I really got excited to see it, because of the great actor Byung-Hun Lee. the emotions that you can see in his face I can relate to that, and the soundtrack suits the atmosphere of the movie .

    didn't expect the ending, but kind of sensed that in the first scenes then I said no way. I waited for him to confront his family, but what happened was a really big surprise,very logical and a great add without it I think it would be an ordinary movie and after all the title speaks for itself.
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    • Author: Gianni_Giant
    This film was a nice little surprise. A Single Rider is a film about a Korean man who's career as an investment broker is shattered after his company is exposed for fraud. He makes choices that take him on a search for his wife and son who have been living abroad in Australia. Once there he gets to quietly take a look at the family he has missed out on due to his drive for fortune.

    I have found that I really enjoy the way Korean's portray dramatic issues in films. This movie is subtle, maybe paced a tad bit slow but impactful. It didn't take me very long to figure out where it was heading but it was enjoyable to watch nonetheless.

    The acting was heartfelt, understated and sincere. I thought that the main actor really brought his character to life and it was really easy to become invested into what was happening to him. I thought it was filmed well and the score really helped when setting up the atmosphere. I wish there had been more detail to the some of the ending revelations. Aside from that, I don't really have many complaints. This is a film I could recommend to my friends. Check it out.
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    • Author: Moronydit
    This is a beautiful movie depicting about how family is important to everyone. The soundtrack and direction is so serene and consistent!
  • Credited cast:
    Byung-Hun Lee Byung-Hun Lee - Kang Jae-hoon
    Hyo-Jin Kong Hyo-Jin Kong - Soo-jin (as Hyo-jin Kong)
    Sohee Sohee - Ji-na
    Jack Campbell Jack Campbell - Kris
    Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
    Benedict Hardie Benedict Hardie - Mr. Harbour
    Mikael Koski Mikael Koski - Police Man
    Seung-Ha Lee Seung-Ha Lee - Amy
    Darin Shaw Darin Shaw - Michael McAuliffe
    Keith Thomas Keith Thomas - Audition Judge Man
    Annika Whiteley Annika Whiteley - Lucy
    James Wright James Wright - Bus Stop Guy
    Eugene Young Eugene Young - Jin-Woo
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