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Wannabe pirates compete in a high-seas adventure in search of a hidden treasure.

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    • Author: Global Progression
    Many people didn't realize how hard it is to make such a show into a reality.

    First, the filming crews have limited space to work with, they have to film the pirates without getting themselves in the scenes. Second, it is hard to film every pirates' private chats without bumping into other members. Unlike survivor shows, they have at least an entire island to walk around. And in "big brother" show, the cameras are installed everywhere, so the houseguests can just talk freely without feeling someone is recording right on their faces. That is why it is so hard to make this show believable. And while they were cruising along the Dominica's coastline, they also have to avoid showing any of the houses in the distant.

    While they competed every week for the prize, someone has to block the road, so local people won't get in the way; and cbs probably had to fly a helicopter all the way from the US just to film this show, because Dominica's own helicopter numbers are limited.

    I personally think that this is a show that is very well done. The music was good, the scenery was so beautiful. I like one scene of one episode, where ben and captain was chatting around the sunset time, it was so romantic, the dark red sky, with their silhouettes shown. Then another one before the finale, they showed the beautiful Caribbean rainbow,it was awesome.

    I suppose that most people like to watch big brother, it is because they like to see people gossiping, fighting, etc. This pirate master doesn't have a lot of that due to the limitation of the space they have on the ship.

    cbs made a bad decision to cancel it in the middle of the show. After all, so many people flied all the way from the US to Dominica, and they had to stay there for quite a while, select places, set up different sites,etc. It certainly wasn't an easy job to do to make this show a reality. In the end, I am sure that all the crew members are disappointed that their hard work didn't get pay off.

    There probably won't be another season of pirate master, but if they ever make another one, I will certainly watch it from the first till the last episode.
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    • Author: Honeirsil
    CBS had a winner, from an artistic and entertainment standpoint, in Pirate Master. I don't know exactly WHY CBS canceled this outstanding entry in the reality genre but alas this superb show is now history. Big Brother, Survivor PALE IN COMPARISON to Pirate Master. I loved the costumes, I loved the ship, I loved the islands, the ocean, the crew, and Captain Azmyth. There was everything wonderful in this show from scenery to the Captain using his sword to cast adrift the person voted off the ship each week. I wish CBS would reconsider, it is not fair to those of us who tuned in eagerly each week it was on and enjoyed it so immensely. Frankly it was so far above in intrigue and interest of all the other reality type shows combined that I am really quite upset. I hope it can be released on DVD at least.
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    • Author: Corgustari
    One of the most original and entertaining reality TV program's I have ever watched. The way that the contestants had to pit their wits against others and had to judge other contestants made this a kill or be killed scenario and very entertaining to watch. I am so sorry that the Americans binned this after just 1 series. As usual if they are not the best they discard instead of giving it a chance. An Emmy award says just how good it was, in my eyes only Dexter and Game of Thrones has come close to it for entertainment. Had this been a GB series this would have been given longer than the one series and would by now be a cult show. Regards A. PS. Another series please!
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    • Author: Aria
    This was the most fun reality show ever. It had everything. The problem...a mentally unstable contestant who committed suicide shortly after her departure from the show (more related to her boyfriend's death than leaving the show apparently). They quietly took the show off the air & showed the final episodes online only. Buried it completely. No one ever talked about it.

    It's been 10 years since the unfortunate off-camera drama unfolded, & while it can have a different name & new host to give it a fresh start, it was set up so well that I can't see it failing.

    I hope they bring it back.
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    • Author: Xisyaco
    Survivor on a boat. the ship that is CBS is sinking fast, the liferafts are filling up with viewers heading to safety in huge numbers. This is truly bad. No wonder it debut with such low ratings...This is "Un-Reality" at it's worst, well until kid nation debuts anyway.

    Realty TV has come, it took it's ratings, and it's viewers and it's time has passed. To repackage survivor in pirate costumes is simply bad. CBS is grasping at straws and nearing the end of the plank. CBS needs to step up and pay attention to it's viewer before they have no viewers to pay attention to.

    CBS needs to bring back Jericho and stop "experimenting" with this trash, half scripted, garbage.
  • Series cast summary:
    Cameron Daddo Cameron Daddo - Himself - Host 14 episodes, 2007
    Ben Fagan Ben Fagan - Himself 14 episodes, 2007
    Christa DeAngelo Christa DeAngelo - Herself 14 episodes, 2007
    Jay Hatkow Jay Hatkow - Himself 14 episodes, 2007
    Louie Frase Louie Frase - Himself 14 episodes, 2007
    Laurel Schmidt Laurel Schmidt - Herself 13 episodes, 2007
    Kendra Guffey Kendra Guffey - Herself 12 episodes, 2007
    Nessa Nemir Nessa Nemir - Herself 11 episodes, 2007
    Azmyth Kaminski Azmyth Kaminski - Himself 10 episodes, 2007
    Jupiter Mendoza Jupiter Mendoza - Herself 9 episodes, 2007
    Joe Don Morton Joe Don Morton - Himself 9 episodes, 2007
    Joy McElveen Joy McElveen - Herself 8 episodes, 2007
    Sean Twomey Sean Twomey - Himself 7 episodes, 2007
    Cheryl Kosewicz Cheryl Kosewicz - Herself 6 episodes, 2007
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