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The host for the episode is Jill Clayburgh, and the musical guests are Leon Redbone and The Singing Idlers. The skits for this episode are as follows: Chevy Chase, fed up with always starting the show by falling down, demands that he be given a chance to broaden his range. Jill Clayburgh talks about her date with Don Pardo, which Pardo keeps interrupting with game-show style patter. Garrett Morris announces that he, as a representative of black slavery, will accept white guilt payments. A series of great moments in women's history are presented. An accounting firm presents another tip to avoid taxes this year by turning your home into a church. Andy Kaufman sings along with a record of "Old McDonald" along with four people from the audience. A woman keeps asking her date what he's thinking about, only to surprise him when she tells him what she's really thinking about. A home movie sent in provides the first glimpse of a clay character named Mr. Bill. For the Weekend Update, Laraine ...

This episode marks Mr. Bill's first appearance.

In one of the sketches, John Belushi feigns killing Jill Clayburgh, says it's an accident, and Chevy Chase calms him down telling him she found out she had cancer. Ironically, that is really how Jill Clayburgh actually died.

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    • Author: Kirizan
    I just re-watched this episode on my SNL first season DVD collection, and found it thoroughly enjoyable and poignant. This episode was hosted by Jill Clayburgh, who was approaching the heights of her fame. It was ironic, that in the lengthy sketch featuring Jill as a guidance counselor to John Belushi's Julio character, Chevy Chase says at the end of this sketch (after the Belushi character shoots Clayburgh)that Jill's character was diagnosed with cancer and was going to die anyway. Strangely prescient line of dialog here. This episode also featured the first appearance of Mr. Bill, which honestly, gave me the chills when re-viewing, as this became such an iconic part of the show in its early years, plus this episode featured one of the great classic appearances of Andy Kaufman on this program. Add in Leon Redbone giving two fantastic performances, and you have an episode that more than stands the test of time. Highly recommended!
  • Episode cast overview:
    Jill Clayburgh Jill Clayburgh - Herself - Host / Carole Lombard / Isadora Duncan / Various
    Dan Aykroyd Dan Aykroyd - Sigmund Freud / Various
    John Belushi John Belushi - Jawaharlal Nehru / Various
    Chevy Chase Chevy Chase - Weekend Update Anchor / Various
    Jane Curtin Jane Curtin - Betty Grable / Various
    Garrett Morris Garrett Morris - Various
    Laraine Newman Laraine Newman - Indira Gandhi / Anna Freud / Various
    Gilda Radner Gilda Radner - Emily Litella / Eleonora Duse / Various
    Leon Redbone Leon Redbone - Himself - Musical Guest
    Andy Kaufman Andy Kaufman - Himself
    The Singing Idlers The Singing Idlers - Themselves
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