» » Los Fraguel The Doozer Contest (1983–1987)

Short summary

An argument between Flange and Modem Doozer turns into a Doozer duel and causes a crisis in Fraggle Rock.

Episode credited cast:
Terry Angus Terry Angus - Muppet Performer
Lee Armstrong Lee Armstrong - Muppet Performer
Myra Fried Myra Fried - Muppet Performer
Dave Goelz Dave Goelz - Boober Fraggle / Uncle Travelling Matt / Wrench Doozer (voice)
Tim Gosley Tim Gosley - Muppet Performer
Fulton Mackay Fulton Mackay - Captain (UK version)
Kathryn Mullen Kathryn Mullen - Mokey Fraggle / Cotterpin Doozer / Crosscut Doozer (voice)
Jerry Nelson Jerry Nelson - Gobo Fraggle / Architect Doozer (voice)
Gerard Parkes Gerard Parkes - Doc (as Gerry Parkes)
John Pattison John Pattison - Muppet Performer
Karen Prell Karen Prell - Red Fraggle / Wingnut Doozer / Modem Doozer (voice)
Bob Stutt Bob Stutt - Muppet Performer
Tom Vandenberg Tom Vandenberg - Muppet Performer
Cheryl Wagner Cheryl Wagner - Muppet Performer
Steve Whitmire Steve Whitmire - Wembley Fraggle / Sprocket the Dog / Flange Doozer (voice)
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