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    • Author: Nilasida
    I found it to be sensational. My girlfriends and I were so excited to play this DVD game, thinking it was going to be fun. Characters start to make individual decisions and one thing leads to another and so on. You get the idea. Though the game has many exciting scenes, and an interesting idea, it goes on too long and only comes to life near the climax. It will either surprise or disappoint you, depending on what your expectations are. Still, it's a game BOTH genders can enjoy, and it shouldn't be limited to "a game for the boys." This was so-so, one of those DVD games that could have been a lot better had the editing been tighter. I am not saying the game is a classic, but it was pleasant.
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    • Author: ℓo√ﻉ
    This is less a review than it is a warning. Tiny print on the back of the DVD box says that the DVD may not work on all players. I have 3 DVD players in my household, all relatively recent, and none of them will play this disc properly. I was able to get it to work for a few minutes on one machine long enough to tell that it looks good and the games, while similar to some of the set-top games previously released with some of the movies, look to be interesting and challenging. But unless you have the very latest DVD player, I'd try and find a rental copy of this first so you can test it out and make sure it works before investing your money -- especially if you're buying this for your kids. And I have no idea at all if this will work with the HD players.
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