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A country boy moves to an LA apartment complex where a satanic cult is performing ritualistic killings.

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    • Author: Thomand
    The only real point of interest in this bland film is the presence of Burt Ward who played Robin in the camp Batman series of the sixties. He's the manager of a block of apartments where our hero rents one. Small town farm boy who has moved to the big city (LA)to find fame and fortune,etc.Most of the film is taken up with his trials and errors as he tries to find a job,loses his wallet,runs out of money,etc. He befriends his good looking neighbour and her controlling boyfriend and starts to hear noises from the room above which is supposed to be empty. Finally after what seems an eternity,he finds out there is actually a devil worshipping cult using the flat,there are inserts during the film where they kill and do rituals but it's all random and doesn't make a great deal of sense really.

    Cue our hero getting it off with the neighbour before she is abducted by the cult to be used in one of their nonsensical rituals. There is a grand finale but to be honest I'd forgotten the denouncement about half an hour after the film had finished...

    Burt Ward is really the only professional actor and that's stretching it a bit too. I always think when there is a lot of topless women and full nudity all the way through a supposed horror film that the filmmakers know their product is rubbish and have to include that to keep viewers ( interest.

    This type of devil cult stuff has been so many times before and so much better too.
  • Cast overview, first billed only:
    Burt Ward Burt Ward - Crasmire
    Michelle Bauer Michelle Bauer - Pam
    Donny Valenti Donny Valenti - Andy Walker
    Rachel Deane Rachel Deane - Donna
    Bruce Carson Bruce Carson - David
    Denis Bean Denis Bean - Andy's Father
    Elizabeth Corbett Elizabeth Corbett - Mrs. Garry
    Tony Balding Tony Balding - Club Bouncer
    Dupont Rene Dupont Rene - Club Owner
    Orly Tepper Orly Tepper - Painted Girl
    Landon Hall Landon Hall - Painted Girl
    Lisa Nelson Lisa Nelson - Club Victim
    David Skinner David Skinner - Member of Punk Band / Blue Gang Leader
    Diana C. Skinner Diana C. Skinner - Member of Punk Band (as Diana Skinner)
    Kimberly Campbell Kimberly Campbell - Book Store Cashier
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