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Stu's case is author and party girl Kitten after an attempt is made on her life. With help from Star he provides protection while discovering she's being blackmailed while dallying with married man Stacy. An unexpected murder changes things.

Star Bright, played by Troy Donahue, said his real name is Steve Wright. His agent wanted Bright Star but they compromised on Star Bright.

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    • Author: SlingFire
    If memory serves Edd Byrnes was on self imposed hiatus from the series on a contract dispute. So he was out for many episodes the latter part of the second season. In this story parking cars and assisting Bailey&Spencer is future Warner Brothers star Troy Donahue.

    The client in this story is teenage novelist Tuesday Weld who still gets carded but has written a best seller. Her guardian is her aunt Andrea King. Weld wants a private eye to investigate some ghostly sightings, but Efrem Zimbalist doesn't believe in ghosts. And he certainly doesn't believe that ghosts are trying to kill Ms. Weld.

    Others who could be are David Cross, a most protective former mechanic of a race car driver who was involved with Weld, aging lounge singer Robert Lowery and his wife Jeanne Bates. Lowery has a taste for pretty young things he can sponge off for his gambling debts. One of the cast winds up really dead and then it's LAPD's bailiwick.

    I'm never ceasing being amazed at how when Bailey or Spencer calls in a homicide Lt. Byron Keith is there and how they work together. Usually when a PI calls in a homicide on the big or small screen they get a police grilling. Just ask Humphrey Bogart.

    Seeing both Troy and Tuesday on the screen together is interesting enough. Both would be marquee names very shortly.
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    • Author: Samulkis
    A strange and beautiful girl comes to visit our detectives and asks them to protect her from a blackmailer. But she also seems to have already a protector, a mysterious man too who doesn't appreciate the fact that Stuart Bailey was asked for this mission. Tuesday Weld is exquisite here as the ingénue asking for protection. For the rest, nothing exceptional here, the usual routine stuff with Roger Smith absent of the plot. Some episodes, he is here, and others he is not. I will forget this story about family business and big money very fast, except the gorgeous Tuesday Weld when she was young. George Waggner, one more time as director.
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    • Author: Mohn
    Well, let's see if this review is published. See, the last one I wrote in this format wasn't. Here goes. It's clear that Tuesday is the better actor, and Troy is show to be a pretty boy. I think that was his main job as an actor. I really liked the wife of the has been actor who was supposed to be dating the future headliner in several young adult roles. You could see how far gone he was, thinking that she would be impressed with a guy who was living out of a motel. The killer was a nut (as so often the case, and Stu actually managed to rescue the fair maid. They make the same mistake in many of these dramas; having either Bailey or Spencer spend way to much time in the office, when the person they're supposed to be protecting is miles away. Also really dumb is the transcendental thought philosophy examined by the two young actors. Not that good; an 8.
  • Episode complete credited cast:
    Efrem Zimbalist Jr. Efrem Zimbalist Jr. - Stuart Bailey
    Roger Smith Roger Smith - Jeff Spencer
    Edd Byrnes Edd Byrnes - Kookie (as Edward Byrnes) (credit only)
    Troy Donahue Troy Donahue - Star Bright
    Tuesday Weld Tuesday Weld - Kitten Lang
    Louis Quinn Louis Quinn - Roscoe
    Jacqueline Beer Jacqueline Beer - Suzanne
    Robert Lowery Robert Lowery - Stacy Noble
    Andrea King Andrea King - Maggie Lang
    David Cross David Cross - Paname
    Jeanne Bates Jeanne Bates - Lydia Noble
    Byron Keith Byron Keith - Lieutenant Gilmore
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