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The team is still attending to the latest bank robbery committed by the Face Cards. Following an explosion inside the bank orchestrated by the queen of diamonds, the team, after assessing the human casualties, find that the two surviving robbers - the "king" Chris Stratton, and the still unidentifiable queen of diamonds - have managed to escape, this method which they surmise was the queen's plan all along, with her association with the Stratton brothers and the robberies only a front for her grander plans. They also discover that Will, who was inside the bank at the time of the explosion and who was shot by Chris prior to the explosion, is probably still alive and the sole remaining hostage of Chris and the queen. After viewing the surveillance footage of inside the bank prior to the explosion, the team find out that their earlier assessment of the queen having an accomplice on the outside was only half correct, as the accomplice was one of the supposed hostages inside the bank. The ...

At the beginning of the episode, Rossi tells Hotch, "Do me a favor. Get that ear checked." He motions towards Hotch's right ear, which is the same ear that was damaged by the SUV explosion in the episodes "Lo-fi" and "Mayhem". Hotch hadn't been about to enter the bank with Morgan, JJ, and Emily. Rossi was probably concerned that the shockwave may have reinjured Hotch's ear.

Paget Brewster's last episode as a series regular. She would return as a guest star in Kurjuse kannul: 200 (2014), & later again in episode "Tribute" S.11 E.19, the first episode after Shemar Moore's last & final exit from the show.

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    • Author: Wymefw
    As said in my review for "Hit", 'Criminal Minds' in quality regarding their season finales has some better than others. "The Fisher King Part 1" (Season 1) and "Lo-Fi" (Season 3) were particularly great season finales, while "The Replicator" (Season 8) wasted a potentially good story arc.

    "Run" concludes the Season 7 two-parter finale very nicely, and on re-watch to me instead of saying which is better between the two of them (having said that "Hit" was superior previously) they're about equal. "Hit" is a little more cohesive and better paced, while "Run" is more suspenseful. Have seen people describe "Hit"/"Run" as the worst season finale, for me that distinction goes to "The Replicator", though compared with other season finales of 'Criminal Minds', "Hit/Run" is one of the lesser ones.

    To be honest, 'Criminal Minds' has been much more variable with their season premieres, with "Extreme Aggressor" (Season 1) and "The Fisher King Part 2" (Season 2) being outstanding, and the others decent to good, with only "The Inspiration" (Season 9) being below average.

    Starting with "Run's" issues, while there is a lot going on and nothing feels convoluted or something it was almost like it was trying to cram in too much in a short space of time, so the episode at times felt rushed as a consequence. Neither of which were issues in "Hit". A couple of moments were on the random side, and others like the old couple's story reference repeated afterwards more than once by Prentiss were quite obvious to the viewer but we're still hit over the head.

    Was also expecting Prentiss to look and act more affected and traumatised after her ordeal and with the events and her subplot in "Hit", instead of made to look somewhat emotionless and indifferent-looking.

    However, "Run" is very stylishly and atmospherically made, as is always the case with 'Criminal Minds', "The Thirteenth Step" and "The Fight" being one of few exceptions. The music, while not as cleverly utilised as it is in "Hit" is still suitably moody and gives a sense of foreboding.

    On top of that, the script is mostly thought-provoking and maintains attention. The ending scene has been criticised for being sappy and forced, personally thought it was very touching, if a little jarring and hasty compared with everything else in the episode, and served as a tear-jerker of a goodbye to Prentiss. Again, like with "Hit", the story does do a good job trying to do something fresh and keep things intriguing with an old and not always compelling subject matter and thinking outside the box. Tension and suspense levels once again are high, and the twists and turns keep coming.

    As do the shocks, the biggest ones being that there is more people involved than initially thought (and one of the identities takes one by surprise) and the real motivations for the crimes. JJ's throwdown is intensely choreographed and nail-biting, while I'm more a fan of the pre-Season 6 JJ she's still likable and she kills it in this scene. All the acting is great, Paget Brewster incredible.

    In summary, a good conclusion to the two-part Season 7 finale. 7/10 Bethany Cox
  • Episode cast overview, first billed only:
    Joe Mantegna Joe Mantegna - David Rossi
    Paget Brewster Paget Brewster - Emily Prentiss
    Shemar Moore Shemar Moore - Derek Morgan
    Matthew Gray Gubler Matthew Gray Gubler - Dr. Spencer Reid
    A.J. Cook A.J. Cook - Jennifer Jareau
    Kirsten Vangsness Kirsten Vangsness - Penelope Garcia
    Thomas Gibson Thomas Gibson - Aaron Hotchner
    Tricia Helfer Tricia Helfer - Izzy Rogers
    Josh Stewart Josh Stewart - William LaMontagne Jr.
    Josh Randall Josh Randall - Matthew Downs
    Evan Jones Evan Jones - Chris Stratton
    Nicholas Brendon Nicholas Brendon - Kevin Lynch
    Bellamy Young Bellamy Young - Beth Clemmons
    Sebastian Roché Sebastian Roché - Clyde Easter
    Jayne Atkinson Jayne Atkinson - Erin Strauss
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