» » Postman Pat Postman Pat's Pet Rescue (1981– )

Short summary

Julian has a sore throat and Pat offers to take the day off work to look after him. Jess gets bored and wanders off to play with Bonnie. Pat is soon run ragged bringing Julian glasses of fruit juice, games and other things with which to amuse himself. Jess chases after Bonnie and falls down a hole and hurts himself. Bonnie races off and eventually manages to attract Amy's attention. Amy rescues Jess and brings him back to the surgery where she gives him an x-ray and mends his broken paw. Pat starts to develop a sore throat. Pat, Julian and Sara (who has returned from work) are horrified to hear of the accident. Julian confesses that he started to feel better much earlier but was enjoying all the fuss and attention so much that he carried on pretending to be ill. Julian blames himself for Jess's accident. Pat brings Jess home and Julian apologies to them both and helps to nurse them both.

Episode credited cast:
Carole Boyd Carole Boyd - Sara Clifton / Mrs. Goggins (voice)
Kulvinder Ghir Kulvinder Ghir - Ajay Baines / Bill Thompson (voice)
Janet James Janet James - Julian Clifton / Lucy Selby (voice)
Archie Panjabi Archie Panjabi - Meera Baines / Nisha Baines (voice)
Melissa Sinden Melissa Sinden - Jess the Cat
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