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    • Author: Cerekelv
    After viewing this film I wonder why it is only given a stingy 1.6/10 ?! Surely it deserves atl east a mere 4/10?!

    For a film of the late 1960's, it is not as bad as people seem to say it is! Not lacking in either story or acting, it is to say the least entertaining! Perhaps the special effects weren't up to a Cameron or Speilberg standard, but that's what the 1960's did to special effects in motion pictures!

    I urge those who have seen it and didn't enjoy it to re-view it and give it another chance. And for those who have not seen it, if you've got a spare three hours somewhere, GIVE IT A GO.
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    • Author: Breder
    When I was a young girl I saw this movie and fell in love with Heintje. For me he was the ultimate sweetheart. The problem is I was a french speaking girl living in Canada and he was a German speaking boy living somewhere in Europe. Still today many many years later I still have the same warm feeling when I think about the first time I saw this movie (in french the title was "L'orphelin à la voix d'or"). And great news it's available on DVD since October 20th. I sure will get myself a copy even if I can't understand a word of German. Now that's what I call true love ;-) Please give it a try. Maybe you will fell in love too (well it you are 12 years old of course)
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    • Author: Lailace
    In the west,this film may be easily neglected as time goes by.But amazingly,HEINTJE would definitely be crowned as one of the memorable western films on Chinese screen even from today's perspective.Although filmed in 1960s,the film wasn't available in red China until earlier 1980s.When the film was introduced,it was given a Chinese title HANDSOME BOY.

    Actually,HEINTJE conforms with Chinese traditional values to great extend,such as parental and grand parental love,the theme of harmonious family,main character's righteous and courageous virtue.All of which seem pretty familiar and quite acceptable to Chinese point of view.What's more,the songs performed by little HEINTJE SIMONS also contributes a lot to the popularity of the film in China.

    Without any exaggerating,the film is a household name among those middle-aged and well-educated. And Chinese versions of THE LAST ROSE IN SUMMER and LITTLE CHILD,LITTLE SORROW have become the classics.

    From Chinese perspective,the film is 9 out of 10.
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    • Author: RUL
    I saw this movie when I was 7 and since then I have been trying to get it. The songs are beautiful and very well delivered by young Heintje -wich had a very respectable voice by the time-.

    It's a pity this movie is not available in NTSC format because since it can be get on VHS, here in America is very difficult to get a PAL-NTSC transfer-unless you pay for it of course-.

    The story takes place during a journey with the young star so you will see beautiful landscape and many well-done shots.

    As the other reviewer says, this picture deserves much more than the sole star it has been carrying until now.
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    • Author: Tisicai
    This is "Ein Herz geht auf Reisen" or "A Heart Goes on a Journey", a West German 100-minute movie from the year 1968, so not long anymore until this one will have its 50th anniversary. It has color and sound and stars Heintje, a Dutch teenager who was really popular around that time here in Germany and the fact that this film won a Golden Screen, an award for the films that lured most people to theaters is evidence of that. But it has little to do with quality. The director here is Werner Jacobs, also pretty popular back then. Heintje also appeared in some of the Lümmel films, comedies about school pranks from back in the day (next to Hansi Kraus and Peter Alexander). This movie here is the first from a trilogy of movies starring Heintje that came out within the short span of only two years. So it's accurate to say that his popularity had faded as quickly as it appeared. As for this movie here, it is entirely forgettable, sometimes even pretty bad. Heintje is not the greatest actor and same can be said about most of his co-stars here. Still you need to say in favor of the cast that the screenplay was pretty bad. Schmaltzy romance, overrated music (pathetic how everybody is drooling over his voice), one-dimensional characters, empty tear-jerking and a plot and story that were just never really interesting. Winnetou fans may be amused to see Ralf Wolter (still alive in 2016 today) as the main antagonist in here. But he is not memorable either. This is a film that should not be seen and should absolutely not get two sequels. I give it a thumbs-down. Very little talent involved here.
  • Complete credited cast:
    Heintje Simons Heintje Simons - Heintje (as Heintje)
    Heinz Reincke Heinz Reincke - Alfred Teichmann
    Gerlinde Locker Gerlinde Locker - Hanna Schwarz
    Sieghardt Rupp Sieghardt Rupp - Günter Schelle
    Dagmar Altrichter Dagmar Altrichter - Monika Klausen
    Ralf Wolter Ralf Wolter - Harry
    Solvi Stubing Solvi Stubing - Gerdi Weber (as Solvi Stübing)
    Konrad Georg Konrad Georg - Polizei-Inspektor
    Rudolf Schündler Rudolf Schündler - Rektor Neumann
    Karin Field Karin Field - Else
    Mogens von Gadow Mogens von Gadow - Hugo Neubert
    Peter W. Staub Peter W. Staub - Wache
    Edith Hancke Edith Hancke - Lieschen
    Hans Terofal Hans Terofal - Rudi
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