» » You Are Not Alone (2012)

Short summary

A 65-minute documentary examining many underlying psycho-social factors causing depression in Black gay men: struggles with sexual orientation and identity; being sexually abused by an older adult family member/relative/familiar or authority figure; pastors and imams declaring that a gay man is an abomination and encouraging ostracism from families and communities; low self-esteem, setting out to contract HIV as a form of suicide with the ensuing stigma and discrimination accompanying the diagnosis; and for many aging Black gay men, struggles with loneliness, isolation and abandonment, including desperation for affection, intimacy and sex. In interviews with Black gay men of varying ages, opinions from mental health professionals and religious leaders, and re-enactments of experiences explores the reasons for the descent into depression and suicide.

Credited cast:
Lester Greene Lester Greene - Tony
Ty Martin Ty Martin - Eugene
Rob Smith Rob Smith - Cedric
Jamaal Stone Jamaal Stone - Lawrence
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