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When a deadly zombie virus infects a school in Germany it remains on the student Leo to save the world.

Held the #1 of IMDB's Worst 100 list in September 2015.

During the premiere of the movie, the director said that, "Kartoffelsalat" isn't a movie for critics, but for the "target audience". He received lots of criticism for that quote and most of the "target audience" ended up hating the Film.

Otto Waalkes' participation in the film started in a dream that Torge Oelrich had and posted about on Facebook. Waalkes responded to the post, and the cooperation began.

The title "Kartoffelsalat" ("potato salad") was originally a joke by Hauke Schlichting, but Torge Oelrich and Michael David Pate loved the idea and stuck with it. After many discussions over the title, Pate added the tagline "Nicht fragen!" ("Don't ask!").

Both schools in the movie are actually one school. The two buildings were filmed separately, but actually face each other.

The first project that Torge Oelrich and Michael David Pate commenced together was a two-episode YouTube short named "Süßes oder Sandra". It achieved over 6 million views.

All scenes were filmed in Torge Oelrich''s hometown, Wesselburen, Germany.

User reviews

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    • Author: Frosha
    If there was one movie that seems like total commerce, this is absolutely it. A bunch of German Youtubers get together to make unfunny jokes and money. There where no laughters in the audience. This is no hate. Just a sincere review. If you want to do unfunny Youtube Videos release them to Youtube. If you payed money to see this, I am deeply sorry. I considered leaving the cinema but wanted to see the whole piece. Save your money and don't give it to greedy "Youtubers". The basic story is explained quickly. A loser called "Leo" tries to become the new hero of his school when a mysterious virus appears. Summary: Unfunny jokes, very weak story, bad acting from "youtubers". Absolutely not recommend.
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    • Author: Buge
    Really awful. Don't waste your time. Even if they give you money to watch it you will regret it and you will never take back that hours from your life. You will suffer and suffer. I prefer to go watching a horse race or ice skating rather then this fully rubbish movie. I could sit and do nothing and still I will be more happy than spend hours watching this thing. I mean who wrote this? Do they have a mind? Really? And how could you accept a role as a actor in such a ridiculous movie? Are you OK? Please tell me? Why did you do that to us? Why ?

    I wrote this review and I'm still in pain because I've seen this movie . Seriously physically pain it hurts and I need healing asap.
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    • Author: Dilkree
    „Kartoffelsalat" planned to change the German cinema. The first German movie, produced by and with German YouTubers. The idea stems from the German YouTuber Torge Oelrich, who worked together with Otto, a famous German comedian from the 90s. That might sound like the wet dream of the 2012 German YouTube community, but the movie already disappointed with its trailer.

    Why did I gave the movie just 1 Point? The main reason for it, is the mindless story, the bad humor and the incredible awful screen play of the actors. Even the other German comedians, who came to aid Otto, disappointed. Everything they where able to accomplish , was to warm up old jokes from the 90s. The humor of the movie remembers me, at the uncle at family reunions, who annoys everyone with his bad jokes. The movie also got big technical issues. You can clearly see, that the lightning was done poorly, also the post-production is way behind the standard. All in one, the movie is clearly made fort he fans of the involved German YouTubers. The whole marketing for the movie points that out. I can't really recommend that movie, even if you like trash movies, „Kartoffelsalat" will properly disappoint you.
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    • Author: Prorahun
    There are many comedy movies in Germany that are just plain awful, unfunny and unnecessary. And what can I say about this one ? Its plain awful, unfunny and unnecessary. The story is absurdly simple and offers no creativity or even some clever plot elements. Its predictable and just not funny. The characters are all stereotypes with unfunny catch phrases. Its an long Youtube sketch that is not worth your time or money. I mean when even the fans say that this is unfunny than it must mean something. The comedy is just so bad timed and uncreative it is out of this world.

    Voting: 1/10 Really bad stuff I cant understand when someone would laugh about that.
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    • Author: ladushka
    To begin with there are plenty of Youtubers which produce great content, like TotalBiscuit, Jesse Cox, Gimmeaflakeman; Jim Sterling and many others and then there are the others, the cash grabbers like most of the German YT community. This movie is the sorry example of a cheaply made cash in on the temporary fame of German YouTubers, most of them not known to anyone older than 13. This movie is almost an exact copy of their YouTube content, an unfunny and uninspired succession of lame jokes and stupid pointless blathering. If you want to spend your time doing something meaningful go watch some paint dry or just watch out of the window at 3 a.m. Believe me, it's more fun than this steaming pile of horse dung!

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    • Author: Fordregelv
    A flat plot line combined with bad acting and horrible jokes. This movie isn't even worth watching for free. If you pay money for it (like i did), i am very sorry, because there are 7 billion people who deserve these few euros more than the cast of this movie. Just sad that a serious production of movies could bring out such an awful movie. If there will ever be another Movie made by German Youtubers, i would not recommend to watch it (as i wouldn't with this one), because they can only produce lame jokes and boring stories. But the main audience will never see this review because they are all 12-14 (at least as i saw in the movie theatre, and they even thought the movie was good, but that is a fan boy/fan girl thing i suppose)
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    • Author: FLIDER
    ... comes together in this movie. Is it down voted? Sure. This movie was made by some you-tubers and somehow got a lot of hate because of that. But it definitely earns its 1-star-ratings. Its a major stinker. Not one of the kinds like "The room", "Turkish star wars" and the likes were they fail because they barely know how to hold a camera. Germany has a long history of spitting out a lot of bad comedy movies even since the 1950ies or so. Maybe so because in this genre you can - and a lot of people did - earn some cash with mediocre stuff. Made by you-tubers or not, "Kartoffelsalat" steps right into that heritage. Its not even unintentionally offensive like other bad movies. Everything is in there: - jokes (and we talk of a lot of stuff here) which were already lame in the time of our grandmothers and at which only six-year-olds would laugh at. - washed up older comedians and actors like Otto Waalkes which don't even seem to notice what a shite movie they are entering because they sold their last integrity years ago. While the young ones are so deluded that they think those cameos make the movie "cooler" - the old Seltzer/Friedman-thing of senseless spoofing the hell out of what its in their little minds ("Breaking bad" here, for example). One German celebrity named Jenny Elvers even spoofs her own former problems with alcoholism, yay. - a premise that is so unoriginal that you barely can believe this is done by young guys and not some old studio hacks. The premise - Zombies in a school setting fighting against losers - was even already done like this in another German called "Die Nacht der lebenden Loser"/Night of the living dorks. That was a mediocre movie, but this geniuses here set the bar much lower - an all-around atrocious cast. We seen more famous you-tubers fail when they do a movie, same here. I did not even see a video of one of their channels, and maybe they are more bearable there. Especially the main actor is clowning around in a super annoying way.
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    • Author: Xarcondre
    Drachenlord the famous German TV star is not included in this c- movie. the only persons are shown are weird and fake people that were not funny at all.

    don't watch this movie, you need a bucket for your outcomes. one for poop and one for pee, cause you cant hold in your juices when you watch this.

    Meddl would be my last word, but this site want a review with at least 10 lines of words, so i guess i will fill the rest with some random stuff.

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    • Author: Kulasius
    Some people actually think that comedy is easy. Watch this to realize it's not. It's anything but. And while I don't know most of the people involved (especially the so called YouTube "stars"), they don't seem to realize how to tell a joke or have comedy timing for that matter. National Lampoon and many others have done the slapstick route and gone over the top with their stuff, but they could handle it.

    This movie obviously can't. It also plays with a wink, doing it all knowingly. Which you have to be even better at acting and timing to pull off. It doesn't work. It's a car crash that you can see a 100 miles ahead at least. And if you're still watching it's your own fault. Wasting time was never so boring ... even if there is a final twist that tries to convince us otherwise ...
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    • Author: Uafrmaine
    "Kartoffelsalat" is a relatively new German movie that features some of Germany's most known Youtube personalities as actors. The film's writer director is Michael David Pate and it will be difficult for him to come up with a worse film at any point in his career. This is described as a comedy and horror movie here on IMDb. Is it scary? Absolutely not. Is it funny? Absolutely unfunny. Lead actor Torge Oelrich is a disaster from start to finish. This film has only been for the most despicable of reasons. There can never have been any intention of coming up with a quality movie, it was all about cashing in. Most of the people in here have hundreds of thousands or even millions of subscribers on the world's most famous video site. So maybe these would also pay to see these people in a theater? I am not sure how commercially successful this film turned out, but it truly is a disastrous watch. But I am not too disappointed in these Youtube stars. Most of them use their channels for stupid contents anyway and also promote products for which the companies pay them to say they really use them. So no surprise these scam artists came up with another failure here.

    This film also is going nowhere. At times, it seemed like a 100% parody, at other times it took itself seriously. As this was only rarely the case, it would have been fine if the parody aspects managed decent humor, but they did not. None of the dialogs were smart or witty. "Breaking Bad" references on several occasions were completely embarrassing and the way they tried to channel Jella Haase in "Fack Ju Göhte" was the worst of the worst.

    The ones who really disappoint me that they took part in this endeavor are the real actors, such as Norbert Heisterkamp, Katy Karrenbauer or Wolfgang Bahro. With Jenny Elvers and Tobias Schenke I am not surprised at all. These 2 never had any talent. But the biggest disappointment for me is Otto Waalkes, one of Germany's best comedians of all time and a true inspiration for young rising comedians. I have no idea what he was thinking to appear in this film and also work on it behind the camera. Why Otto why? These people are not worth your attention. Fitting that the production company is called "Take 25" as it could very well be true that it may have taken them 25 takes on several occasions to actually get a scene done due to the lack of talent from most cast members. And it still looks like crap. Terrible movie. One of the worst ever made? Probably not. But still really really bad. Highly not recommended.
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    • Author: Dukinos
    Oh boy, how the hell did I end up in this heap of garbage? Well, I can tell you. Three reasons, even: for one there's a lifelong penchant for trash-movies and cinematic disasters, and the undying hope to either find a hidden gem or at least some form of unwanted humour. Found neither. Then there is Otto Waalkes, which, like many from my generation, I virtually grew up with and whose sheer endless spiral downward is just one of those car-crashes that you cannot pass by without gawking. And then there was an almost anthropological interest in this 21st century phenomenon called YouTube.

    Considering that the German film-industry is virtually dead, television following on its heels and heading toward "Unterschichten-TV" (German for "low class"- or "scum"-TV) and most of the mainstream media not even worth switching on anymore, I admit that internet channels and platforms like YouTube are a little spark in the dark. At least one can choose one's own program of interest and where professional journalists and critics fail these days, one is free to look up alternatives. But of course that has it's underbelly as well. I'm talking about self-styled YouTubers like those in the movie, who generate clicks and subscribers (in essence: money and revenue) without producing content that goes beyond pointless rants and cringe-worthy brattling, patreon-begging, aimed entirely at millennial-teens with too much internet at their hands. Those who might download some Justin Bieber videos (because they find him cute), subscribe to channels (because the Vlogger is cute) and watch cartoons with rainbow-colored ponies (for the same reason). All which is all right with me, since nobody is forcing anybody to press and suggested video and it's easy to block content that one deems non-desired. But making a movie (with a budget, no less!) with those kids, that's a whole new spectrum.

    At first glance, the premise of the "story" might remind you of "Shawn of the Dead" – had "Shawn of the Dead" been produced by millennials with the IQ of an ounce of salt. A nerdy teen turns his schoolmates into zombies, so he can educate them in various academic skills, which in turn turns them back into humans (upon which the lead character and director) is celebrated as a hero. And that's it! If you now wonder what the translated title of "Potato-salad" has to do with the crapfest, well, the director and script-writer openly admitted that he simply couldn't think of a better title. This might give you an ilk of what level of teen-moronity we're dealing with here.

    Are there any redeemable factors here? At least a single joke that is above the level of the shadow of a snake? I tell you honestly: no. And if you're watching this for nostalgic reasons AKA seeing Otto Waalkes in a movie, well, you couldn't feel more depressed if you'd see the former comedy-star sitting on a street-corner, with an empty bottle of plonk wine, even emptier eyes and stretching out his hand to passer-by's. Don't even get me started about "special guests" like Jenny Elvers, who made a name and career out of appearing drunk in talk shows. The rest, as said, are just random kids who talk about fashion, videogames and VIP-news that they've picked up somewhere in the internet, usually from the vicinity of their bedrooms or, if there is some substantial YouTube sponsoring to pay for it, behind a green screen in their parent's basement.

    The scariest part: not only did this trash manage to generate a million bucks for production (sponsored mostly by Otto's own production company), but managed to make a profit at the box-office, no doubt generated by the same airheads who frequent those YouTube channels (or rather their parents hard-earned money). And although I don't want to turn this into a rant about incompetent millennials (right, as if I haven't already) and will state that there are exceptions to the rule, the general rule is still damn pathetic, making one wonder if the internet was worth it in retrospect. Those words are often over-used and used far too lightly, but I'll utter them anyway, because I cannot fathom how one can possibly make things worse: this is the absolute bottom of the barrel. I cannot state it enough: 0/10 is my rating – the one star above, that's courtesy of IMDb and I wash my hands with innocence.
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    • Author: Tinavio
    So before i want to start the actual review, i want to tell the readers of this review, that i'm from Germany and that my English is not perfect, so if you find any grammatical faults....I''m sorry :(

    But nevertheless I'm going to review "Kartoffelsalat" now and let me say in advance, that if you already saw that movie and you are still somewhat sane... Congratulations for that.

    Kartoffelsalat came out in 2015 and most of the cast, are German youtubers. If you don't know any German youtuber, you made some good decisions in life, because most of them are just bad.

    The story is about an new guy at an school, who apparently is an loser. He struggles, with finding friends and starts loving an Girl, which already has an boyfriend. The typical story of an movie, that is set in an school. Shorty after that, there's an zombie outbreak at the school, which turns a lot of the students into zombies. (They really had to drag zombies into this, didn't they?)

    If you watch the movie whole, you will notice that you probably didn't even laugh once, which is not surprising, because all the jokes, that they use are just bad and so weak, that even using them is extremely embarrassing. The only human beings, that will maybe laugh by watching this movie are children, who see their favorite youtubers in an movie.

    As an example. My brother (11) likes this movie, because youtubers he is currently liking, are in this movie. The bad thing about the German YouTube scene is, that most of the popular German youtubers, are only popular, because of the young fans they have. This doesn't need to be an bad thing, but most of them youtubers, are just bad examples of adults.

    But let's come back to the movie.

    The good things about the movie are: the's only 81 minutes long :)

    The bad things are:

    • the cast (the cast just sucks)

    • the story (i mean, come on)

    • the jokes (shouldn't an comedy movie, be funny?)

    • everything (beside of the length, the movie has nothing going for it)

    As for an ending, i would like to say, that you all should invest your time otherwise. There are a lot of other options, like playing an video game, do some extra hours at work, make an own movie (which would probably be better than this one.)

    Just do anything, but don't watch that movie.
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    • Author: Nicanagy
    This is an utterly stupid and boring movie, probably intended for an audience of children and young adolescents who would pay any price to see their YouTube idols on the big screen. I didn't expect anything good when I first heard that a group of successful German YouTube stars was making a movie, but I had high hopes for unintentional comedy. I knew they would be disappointed after watching the first five minutes of dull, uninspired rubbish. All jokes are based on stereotypes, silly word games or exaggerated overacting, none of them are even remotely funny. The writer must have thought differently about that since most jokes are repeated multiple times throughout the movie. The plot is basically nonexistent if all references to breaking bad and cheesy comedy scenes are subtracted. Watching bad movies to make fun of all the mistakes and bad dialogue is usually something I enjoy, but watching this movie was disturbing. I don't recommend it to anyone alive.
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    • Author: Daigrel
    It is a pity that people had to pay money to see this. The opening shot already gave away that it would not be a good movie but it could have been fun to watch anyway. Unfortunately it was not. It was not funny and the only enjoyable thing about it were the Breaking Bad references. You could not even watch it and have some fun making fun of it because it was just too bad for that.

    Apart from the the camera work being amateurish and the sets being full of clichés within the first ten minutes you see numerous completely random and not funny jokes. Random jokes can be funny but these just leave you scratching your head and asking yourself why someone thought this would be a good or a funny idea. Also countless clichés are used to make weird and random jokes like when there all of the sudden is someone being executed in a German police station just so a goofy joke can be made. It just doesn't work. It does not fit.

    This is the movie to watch if you want to know how not to make a movie. Otherwise: don't watch it. It's a waste of money and even more it's a waste of time.
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    • Author: Brightfury
    "Kartoffelsalat" (Potato Salad) is the worst movie I have ever seen (and probably will ever see). I had hopes, that after Ashens had been able to produce a feature film on a small budget, Torge Oelrich (who had a 1M ? / 1.1M $ budget) could come up with another decent movie to show that YouTube is serious business. These hopes were crushed.

    "Kartoffelsalat" starts out on some slapstick gags and puns that could have been in Airplane! or the Naked Gun. One or two of those gags are decent, but then you realize that this is the only thing this movie has to offer. Pun after pun after pun, none of which catches you off-guard or is even remotely funny. The plot remains unaffected by these lousy jokes, but as it is just a (sub-)standard zombie-movie-plot, there's really not much to talk about. But it's not even the bad acting, partially bad editing, unprofessional audio, out of focus/blurry images, and stupid-as-hell plot that annoy me the most. It's the audacity. The audacity to promote this movie with tons of German YouTubers' names, only to lure their fans into watching this. 90% of these YouTubers have cameos where they get to say one or two lines of dialogue and that's it. I actually feel sorry for those teens who thought they could see their idol on the big screen, but only got their money taken right out of their pockets.

    "Kartoffelsalat" has nothing to offer as a movie, and the more context you know, the worse it gets.
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    • Author: Fato
    I cannot agree completely with all the negative reviews. Yes, it is not very good but I have seen much worse. Anyone who says that this is worse than Daniel Der Zauberer never saw that movie. The humour is on the same level as Fack Ju Goethe or any of the 7 Zwerge movies. The last one should be no surprise since Otto Waalkes also helped to make this movie. Some of these gags are funny in a Zucker-Bros movie kind of way (and some were even stolen from Airplane and Naked Gun). If Baseketball was a Zombie-movie, this could be Kartoffelsalat.

    So, why that much hate for this movie?

    Maybe this type of humour works better on an audience that grew up in the 80s.

    Maybe because this feels like binge-watching German Youtubers. If you like them on Youtube that is fine but 90 minutes can be quite exhausting.

    Maybe the fans expected something more from all their beloved characters.

    I couldn't care less because I only knew the 7 Zwerge cast. Without much expectations or bias, this was an OK movie and I enjoyed it. This is just my opinion and everyone can have their own. BUT if Sharknado found an audience, maybe this will too. Give it a try, maybe enjoy it as a SchleFAZ with friends.

    Know what? Make it a triple feature. 1. Libero with Franz Beckenbauer 2. Daniel Der Zauberer 3. Kartoffelsalat

    Pretty sure after the first two movies, you will nominate Kartoffelsalat for an Oscar ;-)
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    • Author: Andriodtargeted
    I was watching it with a bunch of friends at home and had a lot of fun with it (maybe not because it's funny but just plain stupid). If you are into trash movies you could enjoy this one :D So the jokes are stupid the story awful and the actors are even worse but, hey why just cry around I had fun, and I would do the same thing again if I could change it. It even has a few pretty funny Breaking Bad puns and insiders (for example his fathers name is Walter Weiss and they have pizza on the roof) So if you are not either drunk or in a very good mood with very good friends you will probably be bored and or annoyed but I wasn't.
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    • Author: Nayatol
    I have never laughed that hard in a movie. The jokes where perfectly timed. The actors where incredible. All those references where awesome. I think I will never find another movie like this. I can't understand why it is so underrated. If you have humor, you'll love all of it. Every second was gold. This movie changed my perspective on everything in my entire live. Just watch it and you will have fun. I would love to see another movie like this again. Thanks for watching, click like and leave a comment below, i'll appreciate it.

    Not really. I have never seen something more horrible than that. I don't get the million dollar budget and why one of the best comedians of German history plays part in this thing. The jokes where not timed at all, or overused. The story was predictable from head to toe and was not even creative in any way. The Youtubers aren't funny in general, but this is the top of the cake. Only one thing I liked, was the ending, when It was finally over.
  • comment
    • Author: Itiannta
    Wenn man eine Deutschsprachige Person ist versteht man den Humor.
  • comment
    • Author: Conjukus
    Just like all German "Futurama" fans know,dubbing can totally ruin any film.

    I guess this movie simply can't be dubbed into any other language.

    If you're however German and know the actors, this movie is utterly funny.

    You can compare it to Juan of the Dead, and it's even funnier.

    Thanks to everyone involved in this movie for lighting in a candle in the horrible German movie landscape.
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    • Author: Grokinos
    As this 'movie', if you can call it that, begins, it informs you that it is based on a real salad. This already sets a bar too high for the majority of the jokes in this movie.

    The main character Leo will invoke an unsettling sense of deja vu for anyone who has also watched 'Freddy Got Fingered', and is generally unlikable throughout. The movie even seems to acknowledge that he should be despised at the end when he is revealed to have masterminded the entire zombie outbreak for his own gain with help from his Dad Walter Weiss (really).

    The jokes are either mind-numbingly stupid, such the police having a barbecque in front of the outbreak, or extremely mean-spirited, such as a shot of a classroom where a child has hanged themselves. Occasionally there is something to laugh at, but it is usually a case of laughing at the movie, not laughing with the movie, such as when a scene is accidentally reminiscent of a porno, or when a particularly bad impression of Angela Merkel appears on-screen.

    In general, if you like watching bad movies, watch it and then cross it off your list. If not, avoid it like it's a virus that'll turn you into a plastic-eating zombie!
  • Cast overview, first billed only:
    Joyce Ilg Joyce Ilg - Vivien
    Torge Oelrich Torge Oelrich - Leo Weiß / Ronny / Lexa / Sandra
    Otto Waalkes Otto Waalkes - Notrufbeantworter / Harry Hirsch
    Ernst-Herbert Albertsen Ernst-Herbert Albertsen - Henker
    Dagi Bee Dagi Bee - Katrin
    Joe Friedrichsen Joe Friedrichsen - Verbrecher
    Sabine Stamm Sabine Stamm - Birgit Weiß
    Doktor Allwissend Doktor Allwissend - Walter Weiß
    Joachim Tennstedt Joachim Tennstedt - Walter Weiß (voice)
    Michael Kammholz Michael Kammholz - Handwerker
    Derval de Faria Derval de Faria - Herr Salamanda
    Annika Pate Annika Pate - Blumenfrau
    Nane Oelrich Nane Oelrich - Frau der Blumenfrau
    Rose Pate Rose Pate - Kind der Frau der Blumenfrau
    Jutta Oelrich Jutta Oelrich - Blumenverkäuferin
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